Story Of My Life


1. Chapter 1

Sarah's pov

I walked down he street to work. I was late...again. I knew I was going to be fired. I wouldn't have been late, but the power went off last night and I forgot to reset my alarm clock. When I got to work, my boss, Marlene, came up to me. "I'm sorry Marlene. My power went out and I forgot to reset my alarm," I explained. "It doesn't matter," she said. "I've warned you about being late, Sarah. I told you last time it was your last warning. I have to let you go." I walked out of the pet shop upset. Well, at least I had enough money to get a house and a plane ticket. I was so happy. I was finally moving to London. I had been looking at a house and emailing the owner. I was only renting the house but at least I could do that. I had already been looking at a place to work too. The Starbucks that was down the street from the house was hiring. I went back to the apartment that I was renting and started packing up my stuff. I still had the boxes from when I moved in. I finished a box and called the owner of the apartment to tell her I was moving and I would be out by the end of the month. I also told her I would bring the month's rent by later. I continued packing then decided to call the owners of the house I was looking at. "Hello," a voice said. "Hi, I would like to know if the house that you're renting out is still available," I said politely. "Yes it is." "Good. How much is the rent?" "$500" "Ok, when can I move in?" "Well, my family is still moving out. So, about the end of the month sound good?" "Ya. It sounds great. Thank you. My name is Sarah, by the way." "No problem. I'm Rob." "Ok bye." "Bye." That went well. I have enough money to buy a plane ticket, pay two months rent, and eat out for the rest of the month. I began packing again. After finishing another box, I looked at the clock and saw that it was 10:30. Wow. I had been packing for a long time. I had already eaten so I decided to go to bed.

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