Louis Tomlinson's Sister

Meg's life was fine. She wasn't popular but she had friends.Her family life isn't perfect , but it's alright. Suddenly everything gets shaken up when she gets the chance of a life time.


2. Chapter Two

Meg's P.O.V.

"One Direction volunteered their break just so they could see winner of a Californian talent show 'Megan Hayes'" the news caster announced.

My mouth feel straight open as I heard the news. One Direction is coming to see me? And I won the talent show? How did that happen? This isn't right it's probably a rumor that someone made up, but if it's a rumor then how did they know my name? Ugh! Way too many question's!

"Meg! What happened?" My adoption sister Else came in.

Else has this wonderful brown hair that anyone would want. Her brown eyes shine like stars. She's probably one of the prettiest people who has ever lived. She has a wonderful personality too which is a lovely plus. She's so nice to everyone she meets and she can also brighten up your day with just one of her horrible jokes.

"I WON!!!" I squealed jumping up and down on the couch. Else's face lit up right when I said that, so she ran up to me and joined me jumping on the couch.

"Girls settle down and stop jumping" I heard my mom shout from the kitchen.

"Sorry" we said in unison falling down on the couch.

"So who's coming to meet you? I mean who's your hero?" She asked like one of those girls asking for gossip.

A big fat smile somehow made it's way up to my face as I began telling her everything that I heard.

"One Direction? The One Direction?!?" She asked squealing.

I nodded fastly as she started jumping up and down in her spot before tackling me into a giant hug.

"You are so lucky!" She giggled helping me back up.

"I know! I need to tell Austin-" I started but got cut off by my thoughts.

Gosh, Austin, he was so excited to find this news out with me. It's probably going to make him feel horrible when he finds out about this. I have to cover it up like I found out nothing. I need to make sure Else tell's no one until we get the email.

"Meg? What's wrong? You were all happy at first?" She asked shaking my arm gently.

"Oh...um it's just that I told Austin that I would find this out with him and I'm afraid that's he's going to be hurt that I found out before him,so," I explained ", could you just keep it between us until I get the email"

Else smiled a sweet smile before nodding "Of course girl! I promise! Anything for your crush!" She giggled lightly punching my arm.

"He's not my crush" I lied blushing.

"Oh come on almost everyone knows that you like him!" She shouted and I covered her mouth.

"Be quite El or I'll tell John that you're still terrified of cats" I said with a mischievous grin.

John is her recently married husband who I have to admit is an absolute mad man. I mean every time he comes over he makes me build a hut out of marsh mellows and pretzels and another time I caught Else and him singing 'Hannah Montanan' on 'Disney Sing It'.

The man's 25 for everyone's sake!

Else's eyes went huge as she moved my hand "You wouldn't dare! You promised just to keep that from us!" She whisper-shouted.

I nodded "Just like you promised to keep that I like Austin a secret and that I know I won a secret until I got the email!" I passed back.

She opened her mouth trying to figure what to say back, but closed her mouth and pouted in defeat.

"Fine!" She huffed

Yup no worries here, hopefully.

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