Louis Tomlinson's Sister

Meg's life was fine. She wasn't popular but she had friends.Her family life isn't perfect , but it's alright. Suddenly everything gets shaken up when she gets the chance of a life time.


3. Chapter Three

Louis' P.O.V

The ball flew through the air as I immediately bolted to where I knew it was going to land. The ball fell right above me in the air, where I head butted it into the goal. Being alone on the felid was the best feeling in the world for me after a long day at the studio. Kicking the line of balls that were set up right in front of me was like a stress reliever for me. All my feelings that I had bottled inside of me suddenly floated away with one swift kick.

Walking over to the bench to grab a drink of water I felt around my neck, so I could remember my real mum and dad. But I felt nothing, which freaked me out. I bit my lip as I felt around my whole body for my sliver heart locket.

I was adopted when I was about one year old. The adoption center told me that my parents didn't have any money for a baby,when I went back when I was 17. Which I totally get, they had no choice. I never even got to see my parents once though, all they left me with was a sliver heart locket with a picture inside of what I think is my parents and my little sister. And now I've lost the only thing they left me.

"Dang it, Louis" I mumbled to myself running a hand through my hair.

It most likely fell off while I was playing. I glanced around the whole felid and groaned, there was several feet of deep green grass, there was no way I could find it. Well maybe not by myself.

I reached in my bag and pulled out my phone. I dialed the only person that I knew was in the area this late at night.

" Hey, Harry" I cleared my throat and waited for a response.

"Hey Lou, what's wrong? You sound worried" Harry replied ten seconds later.

I bit down on my lip hard. Harry, the boys, and my adoption family are the only people who know about my locket. And I don't know what they would say if they knew I lost it.

But I have to find it, and if this is the only way then so be it.

"I-I lost my locket while I was playing football," I explained ", Harry I'm scared what if I don't find it? I'm an idiot-"

"Louis stop rambling! I'll be there in five minutes, just calm down,alright?" He reassured me

I nodded even though he couldn't see me "Okay I'll try to be calm. Thanks Harry" I said and hung up after.

I took deep breaths and searched all across the felid. It had to be here somewhere and I was not going to leave until I found it. That locket meant everything to me and if I didn't find it, I don't know what I would do with myself. Suddenly Harry strolled in through the back entrance.

"Harry! Come on mate help me!" I shouted over to him.

He nodded and jogged over to me. Raising an eye brow when he saw me on my hands and knees looking intensely at the ground, he sighed.

"Louis get up off the ground" I looked up and nodded glumly afterwards holding up my hand so he could help me up.

"I'm just freaking out,okay? I lost the only thing I have from my real family." I told him looking around once I was on my feet.

Harry grabbed my shoulder and have me a light shake. "Dude hold on," he said reaching in his pocket ", you asked me to hold this for you until you came back to our place. Remember" he held out the locket which I grabbed immediately and hocked it around my neck.

The thing about me is that once I get in the zone with something, everything else becomes like a distant memory to me and sometimes I might even forget very important things. Like for example; where my family's locket is.

"No I don't and I can't believe that you-" I started to say how mad I was at him for holding it with out telling me, but he gave me a look that said 'if you blame this on me I will get you'. So I continued with a nicer sentence "I can't believe that you had it! Thank you!"

He chuckled and shook his head. "Come on Lou, let's go home" he said patting me on the back and helping me get back home.

"You know," I started once we were in his car ",I'm really kind of interested to meet this Megan Hayes girl"

He nodded lightly " Yeah I guess so, but you've never been this excited to meet a fan before..." He trailed off glancing at me.

I sighed "Yeah, well I guess, because she seems oddly familiar to me and I swear that I've heard the name Megan before" I rambled on and on before Harry pulled up to my shared house with Eleanor.

"Just don't have a fan girl attack when you meet the girl" he chuckled.

I rolled my eyes lightly "Oh you know me Harry, just fan girling with the fans" I joked chuckling as we did a mini bro hug.

I gave him one last big smile before shutting the door and heading inside, thinking about Megan Hayes.

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