Louis Tomlinson's Sister

Meg's life was fine. She wasn't popular but she had friends.Her family life isn't perfect , but it's alright. Suddenly everything gets shaken up when she gets the chance of a life time.


1. Chapter One

Meg's P.O.V:

My breath was steady as I sang into the microphone the lyrics to Christina Agluara's, Beautiful . I didn't really care how many people were watching me, all I cared about was how wonderful it felt to be up on stage singing. Only 15 people were allowed to be in the state talent show and I was one of them. It wasn't a show where everyone got in and everyone's a winner. You had to practice long and hard until you got to audition, and if you were lucky enough to get through you still had to practice long and hard for the performance. For your performance you had to preform in front of three talent managers, who have been judging since the 80's, and who ever else decided to come and see the show. The grand prize was to spend a day with your ultimate hero,which you had to wait and see if you got a email the next day telling you that you won. All in all it was nerve racking.

But I didn't think of it as nerve racking, I thought of it as a chance to show people what I was made of. I absolutely loved singing, it saved my life. I know a lot of people say that but it's actually true, music helped me get through a very tough time in my life.

After the music stopped and the song was over, the nerves finally came over my body. Questions like; did the judges even pay attention? Did they even like me? Quickly raced through my head. Right after I got some feed back and the judges thanked me for performing went off the stage and to a little place behind the stage, where I ran straight into my best friends arms.

"Meg you did great!" Austin shouted spinning me around in a full circle.

"Thanks Austin" I smiled shuffling his sandy blonde hair

"You know your voice sounded beautiful, I could really tell that, that song meant something to you" he explained fixing his hair as he looked at me with his electric blue eyes.

There was something about him that made me wish and want us to be more then friends, but that was stupid he was 15 and I was 13 so there was no way that he would have feelings for me. He probably thought of me as his little sister, which stunk.

I stared down at the ground as I played with a lose fringe on my jean shorts. "Thanks Austin that means so much, I wanted to show everyone that I do still believe that I'm beautiful" I blushed. Wait, why was I blushing?

He chuckled and nodded before grabbing my right arm and pulling me along to his mothers, green, VMW.

Yeah his parents were rich, but I didn't really care. I mean I would if he acted like one of the horrible rich kids that always bully the poor kids,like in the movies. But he doesn't, he actually acts like one of those guys that wants to be friends with everyone no matter who or what you are. That's one of the reasons we're best friends.

We took a step towards the car before,someone blocked our way. I knew exactly who it was even before looking up.

"Hey Austin, long time no date" Madison's squeaky voice filled my ears making me almost cringe.

"What do you want Madison?!?" Austin growled

Slowly but surely I lifted my head up only to be met by Madison's evil glare. Her brown almost black fringy hair was tied up in a (defiantly not cute) top knot bun, her teeth were in defiant need need of a dental care or at least a check up, and in fact the only thing I liked about her was her hazel eyes.

She giggled like she was clueless about what she did to Austin and said "Oh,Austin I don't want anything, I just came here to tell Meg how amazing she did. And if you ever think about coming back,I'll be waiting for you southern boy "

I almost chocked. She, out of everybody on this earth wanted to tell me that I did amazing? That just didn't seem right to me. She was the one that exposed my sensitive feelings to everyone in the whole middle school. Slowly she turned her gaze back to me before saying

"Meg you did amazingly- horrible"

Austin huffed and started pulling me away quickly, before I could do or say anything that would send me to jail.

Once we were in the back seat of his moms car, I but my lip to keep from screaming in announce. Austin, knowing what I needed to do, handed me his rolled up 'Vans' sweat shirt, where I screamed right into it.

After I was done getting out my emotion I heard Mrs. Marko let out a slight giggle.

"Tough day,huh?" She asked

"Well it all went great up until Madison came in and ruined it all. I swear if I see that girl again-" Austin started mumbling but got cut off by Mrs.Marko.

"Austin....."she said sternly giving him a short warning glance before turning back to the road.

"Sorry mom" he sighed shoving his hands in his pockets.

Finally after ten more long minutes we made it to my house where my adoption parents stood out side the front door.

I'm adopted, like most kids in this world. I actually never knew my birth parents. They dropped me off at an adoption shelter two weeks after I was born leaving me with just a sliver heart locket with a picture of what I think is them with my older brother, which I never knew either. I'm not mad at my birth parents, because they probably couldn't handle a baby. They probably didn't have enough money or something.

"Don't look at the email without me there. I want to see if you won just as much as you do" Austin said giving me a hug.

I nodded "Oh don't worry I would never dream of it" I said with a short giggle.

I gave Austin one last hug and thanked Mrs.Marko before stepping out of the car and into my one level house.

"So..." My adoption mom, Stephiany trailed off

"How did it go?" My adoption dad, Peter asked with a smile on his face.

"It went great, I loved it" I said simply opening up the fridge and taking out a small bottle of chocolate milk.

The funny thing about my adoption parents is that they have to know EVERYTHING. But I guess since I just got done performing my heart out they're going to leave the question's to tomorrow. Which I was totally thankful for.

I plopped down on the couch before turning on the T.V. where I found out some news that I probably wasn't supposed to know straight away.

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