"They have no idea what's been unleashed upon them."


6. Chapter 6

The Assassins stand before the Forsaken's burning Keep, watching as the flames climb higher and higher into the sky. We mourn as a family for our family; for the ones who died in our own fire, and for the few who died tonight.
As the smoke curls upwards I finally allow the tears to fall. Allow myself to feel the full extent of the pain losing my sister has caused within me. I let it rock through my body and gasping, wrap my arms around myself in an attempt to lessen the pain. But it's no use. There's nothing on this earth that could make this any easier.

Aeris reaches over and pulls me to him, crushing me in an embrace. "I'm going to miss her too, Alex. You two were always like daughters to me." His arms tighten. "We're just going to have to take it one day at a time."
He releases me and I draw in a shuddering breath, closing my eyes against the streaming tears.
I've done all I can. Those responsible for Cassie's death no longer walk the earth. All that's left for me now is to find the courage to wake up every morning and live another day. Because Cassie wouldn't want me to throw my life away to grief and despair. She would want me to live.
So live I shall.



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