Head in the clouds

Musician and artist, Riley, begins her school year in bleak September with the same ego she has ever had. None. But when she meets someone who is actually interested in what she does. Her entire school experience is changed.

Riley and her mum have always lived together, but when an accident occurs, her whole world is flipped upside down.....


2. 2

Mr Grover started to walk towards me, I panicked. This was my fourth late in two weeks. Mum would kill me. Without realising before it was too late, my legs started to work on their own. I shot off down the playground, streaming past new year 7's lost in our massive bottomless pit of a school, they stared at me as I rushed past them in a bundle of curls and coat.

"Riley! I'm not chasing you. Get back here NOW!" He boomed, the windows of the school blocks seemed to shake with fear.

But the adrenaline had kicked in, and a gleeful smile painted its way onto my freckly face. I pretended that I couldn't hear him as I zipped by the boy's locker room, smelling sickly of LINX bodyspray.

He seemed to come out of no where, he grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me violently to the bleak Administration Office, where he ordered me to sit down on one of those rickety plastic chairs. You know the ones.

So I slumped down grumpily, peeling pieces of black nail polish off of my fingernails and chucking them onto the wooden floor. My stomach rumbling at me, reminding me I forgot to eat breakfast.

Mr Grover wheeled his chair over to where I was sitting, he mopped his sweaty forehead with his grey tie and looked me in my icy blue eyes that mum always called mysterious. She was a bit like that, she liked reading palms and that stuff.

I looked away from him, feeling extremely awkward, wanting to jump out of the big window in the office. But he kept his gaze.

"Riley." He said sharply

I clicked my tongue, rolled my eyes and nodded. Placing my feet up on the chair next to me.

"This is serious, your attendance has been slipping and you've missed two whole lessons today. Heaven knows what you could have achieved". Mr Grover simpered. Another lame attempt to get me to listen. But school was such a waste of time. I could learn these things at home, on my own and snuggled in blankets.

He sighed, turning away, and left the room declaring that he would be back in ten minutes. Which was fine by me, I didn't need another lecture about it.


Until Miss Blotchsworth came bustling in holding someone by the back of their shirt.

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