Wait i am a dallas

I am lily I am 15.5 years old and I am ur normal teenage girl, my hair is in between light blue and dark blue so u could say is was at least normal blue, I died it when I was 14. U could say I'm a normal girl in between a good girl and a bad girl. I have a friend called chloe. I thought my last name was price but it turns out it isn't.,.


8. trip continued

*sorry for the long wait*


lily pov

we were all sitting in the car, looking bored as fuck, and I was listening to music obviously linkin park, and then i felt a tap on my shoulder, which made me jump and I looked across and ally was signalling me to take one off my head phones out of my ear which I did and she then whispered "Nash totally has a crush on you." followed by a wink I just rolled my eyes and put my headphone back in my ear, I was interrupted by someone shaking me and me being me I shouted "what." But it was Nash so I apologised and explained to him, if he needs me to listen to him he either needs to text me or call me, even if we are in the same room, but that's only for when I am listening to music, he understood and I then let myself out of the car and walked towards ally, and said "me, you same tent yeah." she nodded her head I think she knew that I didn't want to share a tent with Nash or my brother.

well I think it is now time for the actual camping to start, I am lucky that I brought marshmallows with me... whoop whoop.




A/N you happy now guys haha, sorry for not updating in a while hopefully you like this chapter, its just for you...

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