Wait i am a dallas

I am lily I am 15.5 years old and I am ur normal teenage girl, my hair is in between light blue and dark blue so u could say is was at least normal blue, I died it when I was 14. U could say I'm a normal girl in between a good girl and a bad girl. I have a friend called chloe. I thought my last name was price but it turns out it isn't.,.


4. meeting ally

lily's pov


Nash said something about meeting his second sister and she has a huge crush on my brother, matchmaking time them two should be cute together. Any way enough of them, I finally got changed yes I went home,now I am obviously back at Cameron's apparently I'm the first to meet her yay. "come one lily she is waiting." Nash shouted, so I ran to the door and I beat him there and because I don't have any keys so I hat to wait for him. *when we arrive* so at the moment we are waiting for Nashes sister at the airport you see Nash is so crafty it is unreal, " Nash, Nash." someone yelled probably Nashes sister, and I see them running toward him and I realise this person has a lighter colour of blue to mine. /cool/ I thought /we will be good friends\ I also thought . then she introduced her self 2 hey im..."



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