Wait i am a dallas

I am lily I am 15.5 years old and I am ur normal teenage girl, my hair is in between light blue and dark blue so u could say is was at least normal blue, I died it when I was 14. U could say I'm a normal girl in between a good girl and a bad girl. I have a friend called chloe. I thought my last name was price but it turns out it isn't.,.


5. meeting Ally continued

still lilys pov

"hey I am ally you must be lily." " yes that is me." I replied.so then we headed back and got in Nashes car and i sat in the back with Ally then she whispered to me, "hey i know you like Nash." then i say smiling  "shh maybe i do." then as soon as we now we are back at Cameron's, as soon as we entered Cameron was right there shirtless on the coach, i turned back to see Ally blushing so i whispered in her ear. "someones got a crush." she just blushed harder, all of a sudden i felt dizzy and completely passed out.


Dun dun dun how do you like it so far thanx for  reading and sorry for it being a short chapter but thank you bye my lovely's   

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