Wait i am a dallas

I am lily I am 15.5 years old and I am ur normal teenage girl, my hair is in between light blue and dark blue so u could say is was at least normal blue, I died it when I was 14. U could say I'm a normal girl in between a good girl and a bad girl. I have a friend called chloe. I thought my last name was price but it turns out it isn't.,.


2. how did he get my number(Cameron)

Lily's PoV

I was asleep then I woke up to my annoying alarm singing, *so fuck you go cry me an ocean and leave me be* I must say I do like the song but it's the alarm itself. So I got up and got dressed Into a strapless dress and cardigan to go with it,heels as well and put my blue hair in a French plait.

Then I grabbed my phone it said *1 new message* so I unlocked my phone put my password in and looked at the message it said.

From:Unknown number

-hi someone gave me this number is this lily price?

Ok this is wired so I text the person bck saying.

-yes why who is this.

I got a reply in an instant.

-oh can't tell you that but don't worry Chloe is trying to find out that as well.

Wait.what how does he have Chloe's number. Then I said

-what do u mean u have her number.

-no. But my friend has, who I also can't tell u the name off. He replied

Omg why won't he just tell me his name.then I got another text,it was from him.

-oh and meet me at the park maybe then u will know me and I will be able to u because of ur blue hair.

"Ok who is this guy and how does he know what my hair colour is." I think I text back saying...


I went downstairs and as I passed mom I said "bye mom." "bye hunny."she replied. With that said left the house and went to the park to see who wanted me. When I got to the park I heard someone calling my name and he was signalling me to come to his direction.

"Hello" I called, " hi u might know me Cameron,Cameron Dallas." Once he said that I froze in my spot Cameron Alexander fucking Dallas is right in front of me. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder,"are you alright you might be wondering why I am here?" he asked "Yes why are you here." I said. " well we might have to go my place to tell you because I don't want catching a lot of attention". What does he mean by we...and that. So then we walked to his car and then he started driving of. *couple mins later* so by this time we were in his house, he gestured for me to sit down and then said. "Well urrelatedtome" he said the last bit fast but I understood "wh-what?"I asked shocked "ur related to me." At this point I was screaming with glee. "Ur happy yay" he replied then he stood up and hugged me, I can't believe I am about to say this but I am related to Cameron fucking Dallas "YESSSSS." I screamed "wait then who texted Chloe."I asked worried "oh Nash their brother and sister, oh and I know u have a crush on Nash." He said the last bit with a cheeky smile on his face.At the point he said Nash I turned away a blushed really hard.

Thank you lovelies I love all of u for reading this you are fucking amazing I will update when I get at least one person saying update or a like 😘😘😘😘

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