Wait i am a dallas

I am lily I am 15.5 years old and I am ur normal teenage girl, my hair is in between light blue and dark blue so u could say is was at least normal blue, I died it when I was 14. U could say I'm a normal girl in between a good girl and a bad girl. I have a friend called chloe. I thought my last name was price but it turns out it isn't.,.


9. girl time

lily pov

we got back from camp and ally said "me and you should have girl time." i just replied "totally" and then we high fived each other.


girl time...

as soon as the 'girls time' started she asked me "how long have you liked my brother, Nash." i replied with "two years, so since i was 14  well 13." we both laughed because i'm only 15 and I said two years and then said I was 14 even though I was only 13. "anyway how long have liked my brother." i asked her, she then went red and said "same as you two years." "its weird how much us two have in common." she carried on i nodded and carried the sentence on by saying "like we both have blue hair and both like each others brothers but if either one of us goes out with them you or me will be related to them then." "i know but it doesnt matter as long as we stay friends that is all I care about." she said i nodded and high fived her then fell asleep.

a/n sorry i have not updated in a while i forgot sorry to keep you waiting.

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