Fallin for the Bad Boy

Niall Horan was the school's badass. All the girls liked him, except Ella. What happens when he starts falling for her? Will she go from good girl to bad? Read and find out...


9. Telling Him

I walked into to school and got the books from my locker, and went to my first class. Soon everyone started coming in, and class began. By the time break came I was trying to avoid Niall, but he saw me. "Hey Elle! Come over here for a second!" Oh no. I walked over, and said, " Hey, Niall" I tried for a smile. " I want you to meet my friends, this is Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn." He pointed to each one of them as he said this. They all said hi and waved then he introduced me to the girls, " This is Eleanor, Louis' girlfriend, Perrie, Zayn's girlfriend and Sophia, Liam's girlfriend." I expected them to just say hi like the guys but instead they all rushed at me and gave me a big hug. Perrie then said, " Sorry, I hope you don't mind, we're huggers!" " No, it's fine, I'm kind of a hugger too" I replied. They all said " Yay, then we will get along fine!" They dragged me away from Niall, literally, in a friendly way though. We sat down at a picnic table and they started bombarding me with questions about me and Niall. Perrie asked, " So, what's the deal with you and Niall? Zayn said he always talks about you!" "He does?" I replied, that made me feel even worse. Sophia sensed the sadness and said," Hey, what's wrong? Has something happened?"

"I... -"

" It's ok, you can tell us." Eleanor said.

" My parents said I'm not allowed to see him anymore, even though they barely know him!"

"What?" They all said.

I ended up telling them everything, me being miss goody goody, changing myself, kissing him, being asked on a date, my parents coming home and me ending up being grounded. They were very helpful actually, telling me it will be ok. Perrie said, " Oh Elle, everything will work out, you'll see. Go tell Niall, and see what he says." "Ok..." We walked over back to the boys, Niall's face lit up when he saw me oh my, his eyes... Focus Elle. "Niall can I talk to you for a sec, in private..." I gestured to the boys who were all listening. " Why?" I was about to say something when Eleanor said sternly, "Niall, just go with her." He quickly came with me, I got the feeling he was a little afraid of Eleanor... " Look, Niall... The thing is, I can't see you anymore..."

"What, why? Did I do something?"

"No! It's my parents, they won't let me see you anymore."

"And? Are you going to let them stop you? Because they won't stop me."

"I... You know what? No. They can't boss me around, and keep me locked up in that house for a month. I turn 18 next week and when I do I'm leaving. For good."

" Do you have a place to stay? If you don't you could stay at my place, if you want, I mean..."

Is he serious? Omg, he is...

" Niall, that would be great!"


He lifted me up and span me around. I laughed and he bent down and kissed me on the lips. I can't wait to move out.


So it's my birthday today, and I'm moving out. My parents don't know, and honestly I think they've forgotten my birthday. I've already packed, and I'm ready to leave. I grabbed my bags and walked downstairs. My mom looked up as I entered the room. "Just where do you think you're going, you know that you're grounded?" My mom asked. I ignored her question, " What's the date today, mom?" "Why should you care?" She replied, but checked her phone anyway. As she looked at her phone her face paled. "This can't be right..." She mumbled.

"Actually,  it is. I think I know my own birthday."

"Jack! Elle please..."

My dad came rushing down the stairs, he saw my bags. " Where are you going?"

"I'm moving out."

"What do you mean your moving out?"

"I'm 18. Which means I'm legally an adult, and free to move out."

" 18? Your not 18 yet, your birthday's-"

"Today." My mom cut in.

My dad looked even more shocked than my mom. There was an awkward pause.

" Well this has been a lovely chat, but I have to end it. Goodbye, mom and dad. Wait, I think parents remember their daughters birthdays...So, goodbye Sue and Jack. Have a good life. I walked out of their house, and as far as I was concerned I was never going back.



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