Fallin for the Bad Boy

Niall Horan was the school's badass. All the girls liked him, except Ella. What happens when he starts falling for her? Will she go from good girl to bad? Read and find out...


10. Moving In

Niall was parked outside, as soon as he saw me he got out, and hugged me and said, " You sure about this?" I didn't even have to think about it, " Yes." I replied confidently. He grabbed my bags and put them in his car. We both got in and drove to his house. This time his mom was there. " Hey honey, oh you must be Elle! Niall never shuts up about you! I'm Maura, it's great to finally meet you!" I saw Niall go a deep shade of red. That's just adorable. She beckoned us inside. " Niall, show Elle her room." We walked upstairs, and Niall opened the door next to his room. I walked inside, The walls were light blue, with a single bed, a chest of drawers and a desk and chair. The room was small, but it still felt cosy. Niall interrupted my thoughts," So, do you like it?" I replied, " I love it." I kissed him on the lips and hugged him. " Thank you for letting me stay here."  He laughed, " Thank my mom." One thing I had noticed about Niall, he was always laughing. I loved that about him.  " My mom's making lunch so if you want to come and get some..." " Ok, I'm coming." We walked downstairs into the kitchen and sat at the table like a proper family. This never happened at my house, well, my old house. It felt nice.

I was just sitting in my room, listening to music, when I heard a knock on the door. "Come in!" Niall walked in, looking as beautiful as ever. He sat down on the bed, " So, I was thinking we could go out tonight..." He started. " Like, on a date?" I asked. " Yes, if you  want..." Finally! I can go on a date with him! " Of course I want to!" Niall's smile got so big. "That's great! I mean, be ready for seven." I stifled a laugh. He was trying to act cool. So cute. He smiled at me and left.

I got ready at six, I had a shower, brushed my hair through then straightened it. I didn't know if I had to dress formally so I decided on a vest, with a skirt and heels. I applied some makeup, not too much just a little blush, mascara and lip stick. I heard a knock on the door, I opened it and Niall looked at me, " You, you look... amazing." I could feel myself blushing. "Thanks." " So, are you ready for the best time of your life?"

A/N: Sorry if you don't like this chapter, it was really late when I wrote it. Also shoutout to my fave AJ you know who you are for encouraging me to update!    Katey xx 

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