Fallin for the Bad Boy

Niall Horan was the school's badass. All the girls liked him, except Ella. What happens when he starts falling for her? Will she go from good girl to bad? Read and find out...


11. Family Reunion

Niall took me to the fanciest restaurant I had ever been in. The food was delicious, we laughed, we kissed a couple of times too. Everything was going great, until he came. We were both enjoying our meals until two men came in wearing balaclavas and they both had guns. I won't lie, I was afraid. One shouted, " Everyone get down now!" Everyone got down on their knees and as I looked around everyone's faces were full of fear. Except Niall's. He looked at the two men as if they were familiar. The other guy went over to the lady at the till and said, " Put all the money in this bag, and don't even think about calling the police." I looked at Niall, he knew I was afraid, he whispered, " Everything will be ok, I promise." I hoped that was a promise he could keep. He mouthed to me, put your phone on silent. So I did. I then got a text from Niall it said,

Sneak out to the bathroom and call the police, keep down low and they won't see you.

I nodded to him, and did as I was told. The bathroom was only a few steps away, and thankfully they didn't see me. As soon as I got in I dialled 999,

"Hello, what's your emergency?"

"Two men are trying to rob Warringtons, they have guns."

" Ok, the police will be there soon."

I hung up, I was surprised how calm I was despite the situation. Then I heard Niall speak, " You need to leave." I was no longer calm, I was panicking. I peeked out the door, and saw that Niall was stood up, not afraid of them at all. They both turned around. The first guy said, " What did you say?" He aimed his gun at Niall. the second guy interrupted him, "Don't shoot!" Niall looked at him in shock. The first one also shocked asked, "What? Why not?" The second guy replied, " He's my brother."

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