Fallin for the Bad Boy

Niall Horan was the school's badass. All the girls liked him, except Ella. What happens when he starts falling for her? Will she go from good girl to bad? Read and find out...


2. Class with Him

He sat beside me. I said nothing, hoping he wouldn't say anything about me staring at him. He then said, " I'm Niall Horan," I replied " Ella Smith," I heard him mutter, " cute..." I have to admit that annoyed me. My name is so childish, everyone says my name is cute. The teacher then came in and said " Hello class, my name is Mr Brown," he continued, " today you will create a short play with the person beside you, just so I can see your acting skills," Niall then turned to me, " so what do you wanna talk about?" I answered, " our play?" He laughed, " you actually wanna do that?" He started laughing again. Ughhh I was getting angry, " just because you don't care about school doesn't mean other people don't!" I shouted. Mr Brown asked, " something to share, Miss Smith?" I replied nervously, " no, sir..." Niall whispered in my ear, " you're such a goody goody,"

For a few weeks after that, every time I saw him, which was all the time since he was in most of my classes. He would sit beside me and whisper in my ear things about being a goody goody. Then one day after school I was walking to my locker to get some things, and his gang were there. I tried to hide my face, but of course, he saw me. He shouted over, " There's Miss Goody Goody!" All his friends started laughing. That was it. I walked over and got in his face and said menacingly, " I'll show you goody goody, Niall Horan" Then I walked away, and thought, what have I done? I knew I had to prove him wrong, I can't stand being embarrassed by him.

When I got home, I found some of my Mum's old red hair dye, and got to work. My parents were on a trip so they won't be here to tell me otherwise. Thank god for that. The next day I went shopping and bought a whole new wardrobe. I also got my cartilage pierced. I was surprised I went this far to prove him wrong, but the weird thing is I like being like this. I feel like it's the real me.

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