Fallin for the Bad Boy

Niall Horan was the school's badass. All the girls liked him, except Ella. What happens when he starts falling for her? Will she go from good girl to bad? Read and find out...


4. At His House

School had finally ended, so I walked to the lockers to meet Niall. When he saw me he smiled like his day just got better, who knows why? I walked up to him and he said," good, you're here. Lets go." " That's nice, no hi or hello? Just lets go? Oh, and where are we even going?" I replied. " Hi, and we're going to my house duh." He said this like it was obvious." Umm, why?" I asked. " To do the project thingy." I can't believe he's taking me to his house! Am I the only one who thinks something is going to happen? I can't freak out, I have to seem cool. Ok lets do this. We got in his car, which can I say is a Ferrari. Wow. " How fast can this go?" I asked. He shrugged, " about 200 miles per hour." " Why do you have a car that's so fast?" " For when I'm getting chased." " Chased by who?" " The police, people, you know..." I didn't know. He must be really bad if he gets chased by the police, and what did he mean by people?

We got to his house and it was massive, I didn't know he was rich. We walked inside and it was beautiful. I didn't see his parents anywhere, which made me a little suspicious. " lets go up to my room." He said. Uh oh, I know where this is going... He stopped at a door, and opened it. The walls were blue, with posters on them. It wasn't big or small. It had a double bed, a desk and a wardrobe. In the corner there was a guitar, that really surprised me, I didn't think he would've been into music. I realised I was standing there in the middle of his room just looking at stuff when he said " you can sit down, you know." I awkwardly sat on his bed. " Lets start this then."

Hours later we had almost finished. We probably would've finished if we could stop laughing. Niall had started dramatically acting out our story. It was the most hilarious thing I had seen. He then bent down, held out his hand and asked " Elle, may I have this dance?" " Of course you may" I joked. We probably looked like idiots, but I didn't care. Then being the clumsy person I am, I put my foot out and Niall tripped and fell down taking me with him. We were both laughing. Then we stopped. I realised I was right on top of him. Our faces were inches away from each other. He was leaning in. Surprisingly so was I. Our lips met. Then before you know it, we were kissing each other. You read about all those kisses girls have and they say they could feel the sparks and fireworks. Was it like that? I guess so. But there was something about this kiss that felt right, special even. I never wanted it to end.

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