Not all angels have wings...😇👼

Back in high school I was never popular. I didn't fit in with others and I always got shy around guys. I thought all my life that no guy would ever talk to me. That was until the day I meet the boy with blond hair and blue eyes. For some reason I always wanted to be around him. He had blond hair and big kind blue eyes and a smile that made me feel all warm inside when ever I saw him. Sadly that was all the past. After we left high school I never saw him again. That is until today.........
Will Niall remember Kelly or will their friend ship be lost for ever?


3. Why me?

Kelly's pov:

I got up and started to walk to class. The whole time I couldn't help but think about him. A pop talking to someone like me? It's not something u see everyday. So when he stopped to help me pick up my books it really threw me off Gaurd. I took a deep breath. "Okay Kelly just chill out everything will be okay."

Only as soon as I walked into class to my surprise he was their! O great now in really going to start freaking out. 😡 I was starting to get mad. Why does he have to be every where I go. I took a shaky breath and started to walk to an empty seat I saw in the back. I was hoping that he wouldn't notice me. I guess we can't call be lucky that can we.

"Hey!" He shouted as I walked passed him. I turned around a smile on my face. "Hi I didn't know u took cooking." He shrugged as he pointed to the empty seat next to him. "Theirs an empty seat by me if u want to sit. 'Why are you done my this to me!' I nodded as I made my way to the seat.

"My names Niall." He said holding out his hand to me. I took it gladly and shook it. "Nice to meet you Niall my names Kelly." "Kelly?" He looked a little in sure. "Yea why is their something wrongs?" He shook his head no. "No sorry I just felt like I've meet u before."

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