Not all angels have wings...😇👼

Back in high school I was never popular. I didn't fit in with others and I always got shy around guys. I thought all my life that no guy would ever talk to me. That was until the day I meet the boy with blond hair and blue eyes. For some reason I always wanted to be around him. He had blond hair and big kind blue eyes and a smile that made me feel all warm inside when ever I saw him. Sadly that was all the past. After we left high school I never saw him again. That is until today.........
Will Niall remember Kelly or will their friend ship be lost for ever?


8. Park

Kelly's pov:

I took Dylan's hand we started to walk to the park together. "Sissy will you go jungle gym with me?" He asked me looking to me at me with his big teddy bear eyes. I smiled at him and nodded my head. All of a sudden he started to jump and run around. "Yay!!!" He screamed I couldn't help but laugh at him. He stopped what he was doing and ran over to me. "Dylan what's the matter?" I looked up and saw him again. It was the boy from school only this time he was with a little boy.

He looked my way and waved. The closer he got the louder  my heart beat and more I felt Dylan's nails digging in my leg. "Hey Kelly right?" I nodded not knowing what to say. "Funny running into you again." He said with a laugh. I gave him a weak smile. "Yea funny..." I was so shocked he didn't notice how weak and shaky my voice was.  "So who is this cutie?" He asked waving at Dylan who tried to hide behind me. "That is my little brother Dylan. Sorry he's shy." Niall brushed it off. "Don't be. This cutie her is my nephew Theo and don't worry he's the same way with meeting new people." "So where are you guys heading?" I asked him not knowing what else to say to him. "Oh where going to the park. You guys?" I felt my heart drop into my stomach. "O really were heading their too."

Niall smiled at me and nodded. "Cool well I guess we'll see you guys their." I shook my head and me and Dylan went on our way. Ounce we were fare away from him I felt my heart slowing down as Dylan tugged on my hand. "Sissy who was that man you talked to?" I looked at him and said, "That was just a friend from school." My brother took my word and went back to being crazy.

I kept thinking about what I had just said. Could I really call us friends? I mean we never talk each other at school or really out side of school either. So then I guess I can't call him my friend can I? "Sissy were here!!!!" I heard Dylan screaming really loud as he ran over to the swing. "Come swing with me sissy!" I laughed again and got on to a swing and started to swing with him. Every time I looked over at him to make sure he was doing okay all I saw was a big happy face and laughing Dylan. That was until Niall showed up. Then he went back to hiding.

                                                                         Later that day

Dylan got used to the thought of having another kid around. Him and Theo started to play together and before long they were like best friends. Me and Niall sat at a near by table talking about the stuff we liked to do. I was a little shy and scared to talk to him at first but then something clicked with him and I was talking up a storm with him. We became the best friends and I was glad. "So you play the piano?" I shook my head. "Yea my mom thought me when I was little. What about you do you play anything?" He smiled and laughed a little. "I play the throat. Does that count?" He asked me laughing. I laughed  at his joke. "Sorry but no it doesn't." He sighed. "Well then I guess I could say I can play guitar." My eyes light up when he said that. "You do?" He shook his head yes.

"Omg no way you have to teach me some time. I've always wanted to learn how to play." Just then he got a smirk on his face. "Tell you what ill teach you to play the guitar if in returne you teach me piano." I thought about this and then held my hand out to him. "Deal." With that I called Dylan said good bye to Niall and headed home. Today went a lot better then I thought it would. I had fun at the park and I made a friend. Could today get any better?




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