Not all angels have wings...😇👼

Back in high school I was never popular. I didn't fit in with others and I always got shy around guys. I thought all my life that no guy would ever talk to me. That was until the day I meet the boy with blond hair and blue eyes. For some reason I always wanted to be around him. He had blond hair and big kind blue eyes and a smile that made me feel all warm inside when ever I saw him. Sadly that was all the past. After we left high school I never saw him again. That is until today.........
Will Niall remember Kelly or will their friend ship be lost for ever?


4. Lost in a sea of eyes

Niall's pov:

"Hey Niall cool game last night . I heard you scored the winning touch down." He gave me a high five. "What o yea I did ."


We talked for awhile and then I saw the time and made a run for class. This was how it was everyday for me. Only to day was different I met a girl. As I was running threw the hall she was just leaving her locker and we collided. All her books feel on the ground so I thought I should help her out.

I bent down and started to help her pick up her books. "I'm sorry I wasn't looking were I was going." I could feel her body getting stif when I started to talk. Only thing was I didn't get why? I picked up my books and went off to class. that girls face impeintned on my mind.

When i walked in to class and took my seat i saw her again.



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