Not all angels have wings...😇👼

Back in high school I was never popular. I didn't fit in with others and I always got shy around guys. I thought all my life that no guy would ever talk to me. That was until the day I meet the boy with blond hair and blue eyes. For some reason I always wanted to be around him. He had blond hair and big kind blue eyes and a smile that made me feel all warm inside when ever I saw him. Sadly that was all the past. After we left high school I never saw him again. That is until today.........
Will Niall remember Kelly or will their friend ship be lost for ever?


12. Concert and Kelly?

Niall's pov:

Tonight was just like every other night we go on stage we sing we go off and we meet fans. Only tonight I had this feeling that something was going to happen. I wonder if I'm right? When we got on stage I saw all the screaming faces   I smiled and we started to sing Night changes.

*After the concert*

A bunch of fans came up to us and asked us for pictures. I smiled with a blank star in my eyes like I always did and hug the fans like a zombie. That's when I heard some one call out my name. "NIALL!!!!" I turned around my heels surprised to hear my name. "Yes, can I help you?" I said walking up to a girl. She smiled at me.  So I smiled back. "Do you remember who I am?"  I gave her a blank star as I tried to think. Her voice sounded so familiar to me but why can't I remember who she was. I gave her sad smile. "Sorry but I don't." I said. I felt so bad when I saw her smile lower a bit and then I could tell she was up set. "O okay sorry guess I was thinking of someone else. It was nice to see you again Niall....." She said as she lowered her head and walked away.

Louis walked up behind me. "Did you know her?" I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head no.

Kelly's pov:

After the concert I ran back stage a smile on my face. I was so excited to see Niall again. It has been way to long.  Only when I got back stage and I called out his name all I got was a heart ach. He didn't remember me....after all we had been through together. I gave him a smile and walked away with my head down. I spent 3 weeks trying to win the fucking contest so that I could go to his concert and see him preform. This is how he repays me by telling me that he doesn't know me. I started to cry my eyes out as I took off the necklace that I held so close to my heart . It was the necklace he gave me that day we had to say good bye. it was the day that he said as long as I had that necklace he would never forget me. I believed him like the fool I am too.

I got mad and through the necklace on the ground only to pick it back up in a panic. I wasn't mad at him really I was just hurt by the fact that he could forget about me so fast after all we had been through too. I never stopped thinking about him and what he was up to. I guess that I had always thought that he was doing the same.... I took a sigh and headed for the door. I just want to sleep this night off. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I hope......


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