Not all angels have wings...😇👼

Back in high school I was never popular. I didn't fit in with others and I always got shy around guys. I thought all my life that no guy would ever talk to me. That was until the day I meet the boy with blond hair and blue eyes. For some reason I always wanted to be around him. He had blond hair and big kind blue eyes and a smile that made me feel all warm inside when ever I saw him. Sadly that was all the past. After we left high school I never saw him again. That is until today.........
Will Niall remember Kelly or will their friend ship be lost for ever?


7. A friend

Kelly's pov:

When I got home I went to my room and took out my computer. I figured that I had some time left to spend until Dylan got home from school. So I went on to ~friends~ it was this really cool website that all of my friends at school and every one else at my school went on. It was a way for us to talk to each other with out all of the acwordness of school.

I signed on and saw that I had a new chatty with some one called Angle188. I sent them a smile face and watched as our conversation took pub from their.


"talking on friends"

Angle188:hey darkness

Darkness: 😄

Angle188:so what do you like to do??

Darkness: I love to sing

Angle 188:you do? So do I!!!

Darkness: lol it's almost like we're the same person

Angle188:yea it is. I'm really sorry but I have to go now. But I'll talk to you tomorrow

Darkness: okay bye... Hey maybe I'm see you in school tomorrow

Angle188:yea maybe you will

~angle188 has signed off~

~darkness has signed off~

It seemed to me that we both signed off just in time because before I knew it Dylan  was in my room all ready to go to the park and play.



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