Bad boy Luke, Good boy Calum

Lucy met the new kid Luke who broke her heart and he turned into a bad boy, until she met calum a gentlemen who she fell in love with. But she has feelings for luke to. Who will she choose?


8. The Party

Luke's POV

Saturday yes! I get to sleep in. I woke up at 11am and got dressed I got a text from my friend saying there will be a party today at 7pm. I went to this flower shop and bought roses for someone. I drove to Calum's house because I knew Lucy was there. When I got there I knocked on the door no one answered so I barged in I saw. Lucy and Calum have a full on make out session. My eyes widen and I dropped the roses for Lucy and ran away.

Lucy's POV

Luke came in when me and Calum had a make out session he dropped roses but for who? I went to pick it up there was a card in there I opened it and read it out loud

Dear Lucy, I hope you like these roses there will be a party held at 14 sauce street and it's at 7pm I hope you and Calum can make it to the party from Luke

I looked at calum he nodded that we should go to the party

Skip to party

I wore a short black dress and Calum wore just a tuxedo we drove to the party and went in the music blasted full volume and it was new thang on I went to the bar and got beer and by the time I was at my 2 bottle when someone slapped my butt he whistled and asked to dance with me I agreed but then I saw luke dancing with someone I saw this truth or dare thing happening so I went there and I saw calum so I sat with him luke later walked in the room. Lucy truth or dare a boy said I said dare! I dare you to go in one of the rooms upstairs with me and we shall have some good stuff I agreed and Calum past out so I went in the room with him he took my dress off and touched my boobs and he played with them he kissed down my body until he reached my panties and took them off he played with my clit and someone came in when he was about to thrust in me it was luke. Luke came in and told the boy to go away and he'll take the job. The boy went away and luke came I watched as luke played with my boobs and he took his boxers and threw it and he thrusters in me I moaned and he kissed me on the lips it felt good I felt like I started to have feelings for him again. We had that session done I wore my dress and went to calum and carried him to the car and drove to his house. I had to carry him to his bed. I saw a text vibrate on my phone it was Luke

Did you like that session- Luke

I dunno- Lucy

Will you be my girlfriend?- Luke

No I have calum- Lucy

Aww- Luke

But we fucked- Luke

Doesn't mean anything luke- Lucy

I closed my phone and slept with calum...

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