Bad boy Luke, Good boy Calum

Lucy met the new kid Luke who broke her heart and he turned into a bad boy, until she met calum a gentlemen who she fell in love with. But she has feelings for luke to. Who will she choose?


9. Sunday Funday

Lucy's POV

I woke up with Calum hugging me I quietly pushed his hand off and went to brush my teeth and do all the things I do every morning. When I was finish I went out for a morning jog. I jogged around the lake 1km when I was jogging a dude came up to me he looked... Familiar... Hey Bae he said oh no I mumbled

What's your name -???

Lucy- L

I'm ashton- A

Nice to meet you -L

He smirked at me and asked for my phone number I gave it to him and was about to start jogging when he pulled me back and smashed his lips on mine. I pulled away and ran away from him he shouted LOVE YA BAE I just quickly ran. Until I saw Luke watching me.

Who's that now- Luke

I don't know I just met him-Lucy

Did you enjoy the kiss from him- Luke

Not exactly- Lucy

I jogged away then luke came beside me and started jogging with me I started to run so he couldn't catch up ( no one ever knew that I was the fastest runner in the school ) I started running and I was looking backwards to watch him fall behind I turned my face around and faced the front I hit something hard... It was a tree... Luke was laughing his head off and I said " ouch! "

Such a good friend luke you didn't even ask if I was hurt- I said sarcastically

You know it- Luke

I rolled my eyes and ran away by the time luke stopped laughing I was 200 metres away from him.

Skip to the end of jogging

By the time I was at Calum's house ( I moved in because my parents were abusing me ) it was 8am so I changed to my everyday outfit and I got a text from ashton saying if I wanted to meet him at the park at 3pm I said okay. I was making breakfast for calum while I was cooking the eggs and bacon I was singing " Breakfast is what I do, I cook bacon and eggs and it's good for you " calum came behind me and hugged me he pulled away and said " that smell though " I laughed and put the bacon and eggs on the plate

Ewwww go and have a shower calum you smell like alcohol - L

Okay okay I will not until you give me kissy kissy - C

So kiss me kiss me kiss me I'm dying just to see you again - Calum sang

I laughed and kissed him on the cheek- L

Okay now?- L

Nope on the lips- C

Urgh fine- L

I kissed him and he walked away to have a shower. It was 9pm I went to watch some movies until it was time to meet Ashton.

Skip to 3pm

I said goodbye to cal and walked to the park I texted ashton that I was here I looked around for him and saw him sitting on the slide in the playground. I asked what he wanted he said that he wanted to have fun with me here I said okay we were playing on the playground I hid from him behind this thing.

Hmmm where could she be- A

I heard footsteps and then it went silent

BOO! He yelled " you scared the crap outta me! "

We laughed and went to the beach. It was 6pm now and we were talking about life. By the time I stopped it was 8pm.

I better get going- I said getting up

Okay see you - Ashton

I walked home. I remembered I had to be home at 7pm oh shit....

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