Bad boy Luke, Good boy Calum

Lucy met the new kid Luke who broke her heart and he turned into a bad boy, until she met calum a gentlemen who she fell in love with. But she has feelings for luke to. Who will she choose?


2. New Kid

Lucy's POV

I quickly walked through the hallway and went to my locker I got all my things out and went to my maths class. On the way I bumped into a tall boy with blond hair in a quiff. Sorry I said without looking at him I quickly walked into class. I found my usual spot, it was at the back of the room. I didn't like sitting at the front because all the popular girls were there. I waited until mrs young taught us. Until I saw the boy with the blond hair go up to mrs young and talk to her. " Alrighty listen up guys there will be a new student here his name is Luke he will be here for a year. Luke was waving at the girls at the front which include of Mary, Kristen and Georgia. Luke was walking towards me until I noticed there was a seat next to me. Next thing Luke was sitting next to me."Today we will be learning about algebra" Mrs young was teaching but I didn't pay attention cause I already knew how to do it.

Hey - Luke

I didn't pay attention to luke because I was day dreaming

Um Hello?- Luke

Oh um sorry Hey- Lucy

So what's your name?- Luke

I'm Lucy I said blushing.

I can't believe his talking to me. Mary was looking at me angrily. She probably thinks Luke is her's now I said to myself annoyingly. After the bell rang I went to my locker to put my stuff back and took out my drumming equipments. Apparently Luke's locker was next to mine. I couldn't help but say hi to him.

Hi- Lucy

Oh Hey Lucy

So what are you doing?- Luke

I'm just getting my stuff out for music- Lucy

Do you play any instruments?- Luke

Yeah I play the drums - Lucy


Mary and her group of friends came up to me and luke and she pushed me to the ground. Ouch! I said. Mary was laughing at me while saying what are you gonna do about it?

Excuse me, you shouldn't do that to her-Luke

Oh hey hottie- Mary

Don't tell me what to do- Mary

Go away and leave her alone!-Luke

Mary and her friends walked away leaving me still on the ground.

Are you okay?-Luke

Yes, it's okay I'm used to this-Lucy

Are you sure?-Luke

Yes I'm fine! ( I wasn't actually fine )- Lucy

Luke helped me get all my drumming equipment and helped me get up. thank you luke. It's okay Lucy. Where's the music room Lucy? It's around the corner.Ill help you get there, I have music too.

Luke's POV

She's so cute how can people hate her.i helped her get to the music room. Suddenly she fell on the floor. Lucy! lucy! I called her name but she didn't answer. I rushed her to the nurse.Lucy broke her wrist after Mary pushed her. I was holding Lucy's hand. After an hour she woke up.

Oh my god Lucy are you okay?- Luke

Why did you lie to me- Luke

You said you were okay!- Luke

Sorry I just didn't want you to be worried-Lucy

You should go to your class-Lucy

It's okay I'll stay with you-Luke

It's Lunch anyway -Luke

Lucy's POV

After the nurse said we could go I got my lunch and sat under a big tree.I was reading a book when I saw a figure stand in front of me. It was Mary and her friends, she slapped me across my face. My face started hurting. Then Mary and her friends were kicking me and slapping me until I heard a voice say Stop! It was luke. Luke got them and told them to go away or he would tell the principal... Everything went black.

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