Bad boy Luke, Good boy Calum

Lucy met the new kid Luke who broke her heart and he turned into a bad boy, until she met calum a gentlemen who she fell in love with. But she has feelings for luke to. Who will she choose?


6. angry

Luke's POV

who the hell was that I said to Lucy. My friend she replied and rolled her eyes. Oh ok if that's what you want I shouted. I have something to tell you I have a girlfriend her names Mary! Lucy looked like crying but I didn't care. Later on it was lunch and I sat with Mary's friends and she sat on my lap and we had a full make out session. I saw Lucy sitting with that dude she was talking with earlier so I excused myself from Mary and sat with Lucy and that weird dude.

Hey guys can I sit with you- Luke

No you can't luke go away- Lucy

Who is he Lucy?- Calum

Just a dude I met nothing much- Lucy

I was so angry at what she said so I grabbed her and pinned her to the wall and kissed her she was trying to run away but I pulled her back STOP she yelled. The dude came up and punched me in the face I fell over

Don't you dare do that to my friend - Calum

Oh yeah I'm gonna do that even harder dumbass- Luke

Lucy and that dude walked away and I just got up everyone was staring at me I walked to Mary and said sorry. She was okay with it.

Lucy's POV

I walked with calum and thanked him so much. I asked if I could stay at his place for today because my parents weren't home. He said okay.

Skip to the end of the day

I waited for calum to come but luke came and whispered in my ear " I'll get you next time princess " I kinda had feelings for him but now I don't I like calum more. Calum came while luke left. " what did he do now? " nothing I said. Me and Calum went in his car and drove to his house.

Calum- L


Ummm I kinda have feelings for you- L

Oh cool I have feelings for you too- C

Can I ask you something-C

Ever since the day I met you I instantly fell in love with you I love you brown hair and your pretty brown eyes, will you be my girlfriend- C

Omg yes!!-L

We got out of the car and went inside his house it was huge and cool. He played a song called Heartbreak Girl on his guitar to me it was nice. We played FIFA and I was winning him by far " I never knew you played or liked Soccer " until we heard a knock on the door....

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