Tell Me Everything

Everyone has secrets....


1. Meeting you

Naomi's POV


Walking down the hallways of a new school was hard when you knew everyone was judging you. I was the weird, new girl who had moved to town after her parents were murdered. I had no friends and had no one apart from my strange Aunt Harriet. Aunt Harriet had six kids under the age of 10. She adopted three and had four herself. All kids were just over a year apart. My mum used to say she liked the sound of little feet to feel the void of emptiness in her heart. Her own husband died in a mining accident about 15 years ago. I remember Aunt Harriet and her husband always wanting kids but in the end, she never had the chance too. Since her husband died, she moved in with us and had multiple boyfriends to fill the gaps in her broken soul. 


My name is Naomi and i'm 18 years old. I was about to graduate high school when my parents passed away. I was sent to England and put down a year. I came from Sydney, Australia. In Sydney I left behind my boyfriend of 5 years and the best friends anyone could ever ask for. When I moved here, I decided to be positive and mature. I wanted to make my life as normal as possible after what has happened in my past. *bump* *thud* I cursed as my book hit the floor. Just what I need, a collision with some random on my first day. As I went to bend down, a hand snuck in and swooped my book off the floor. My hand touched the strangers. I looked up and made eye-contact with a him. His face was perfectly framed with curly brown hair and complimented with the most luscious lips. Before he even opened his mouth, I knew this boy was about to change my life forever.  

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