Holiday Competition

I will be hosting a Holiday competition. Please see the first chapter for more information.

I don't mean to plagiarize, I just thought that this would be cute.

I also don't mind if anyone would like to start one, but please just make it slightly different and let me know.


1. Information

Okay, I decided to have a holiday competition type thing. So, since this holiday is Halloween, I will be hosting a Halloween competition. Here are the rules. 


-Another Movellian (They will be different every time, and I will choose and ask) and I will judge. 

-You have to enter by telling me your username, and what your title is (If you've figured that out yet, if not, then just say your username, and comment afterward.)

-Please don't copy, that just leads to drama, and fighting, ect ect. 


That's about it.  I'll write the contestants and the judges in the next chapter for Halloween. 


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