There is Something There With Freniemies

It's a Dramione story


1. Big News

After the war..... Well what happened to the Death Eaters? Well for most of them, the fled or they were in Azkaban. But not for one former Death Eater Draco Malfoy.

He was starting his Family with Pansy. So on occasions people would see him in Diagon Alley and people would start whispering. "Omg that Malfoy is still around thought he fled" "No I heard he's starting a family with some girl" "He is a pureblood scum to show his face after being a Death Eater."

But Draco just ignored them and kept on him way. He was heading back to the Malfoy Manor. He is greeted by his wife Pansy, who goes in for a snog.

"Oh Draco are people still talking?" says Pansy

"Yes" replied Draco

"Next week is my appointment to see the doctor."

"Oh right"

"I can wait to start this family with you, Draco!" exclaims Pansy as she wraps hers arms around Draco for a kisses.

A week later

Pansy and Draco are sitting in the Doctors office. Pansy is shanking with nervousness.

"Pansy, dear stop your shanking the whole table. You will be fine and we will start our family."

"I hope so Draco."

The doctor walks in and sits down.

"I was looking at your charts. I am afraid you will never have kids, Mrs. Malfoy. You have a very rare and untreatable Cancer and I also am afraid to say you have a little over a month to live."

Hi everyone, my names is Holli. I'm a Dramione so there is going to be in this story

This is my first story's and comments don't be afraid please. I hope u enjoy the first chapter

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