Cold Blood

find out for yourself


1. Hit the Ground Running

We stare down at the city in ruin. waiting. now. now is the time. i press the button and start to run to the edge of the building. as soon as the noise hits my ears i am deafend, pulled off my feet over the ledge. falling down through the humid air i land on a balcony on the opposite building and take cover. the others grab onto other balcony wires and windows and scramble onto a stable surface. We have done it. We have destroyed it. Now we must run.

Ty hits the ground first when we jump, followed by me and Lucy then Eric. Running for out lives and split up at the bottom of the alley- that's our only plan. We'll meet back up at base but we all have our duties to do until then. When we reach the bottom i turn right, the bombs setting of in the distance to my left, Screams coming from my right. I'm not worried if they'll catch us,  just curious. Fear can't hit me now, all i have to do is take the Memory Unit inside the the-now-destroyed Tower. my feet skipping over the pavement, flying through the chaos. I can't hear anything but a high ringing in my ears, but if i could hear i knew i would want to. i make another left and head straight towards the flaming building. my hearing is coming back, the screams, the fire, the tumbling rock and concrete meets my head.

I ignore all the distractions of dead people that decorate the streets, i didn't care about them anyway, and sprint towards a manhole next to a half-standing house. I carry the metal to my side and slide into the sewer tunnels. left. right. straight. left. left. straight. First door on the left. I set through the tunnel holding my breath to avoid the toxins. i don't think anyone has followed me yet but it wont stay like that for long. after 10 minutes or so the door on the left appears. i try the handle and-thank God- it opens. i open it and see  rusty ladder that climbs its way up to a hazy green-blue light at the top. i test out the first few steps, tugging a the poles encase i fall. they stay. i climb up the rising ladder to the room behind the security room. I reach the top and rub my hands on my jeans to get rid of all the rust on my hands. i reach for my dagger in my belt and prepare myself for what awaits me on the other side of the door. Amazingly this part of the basement isn't destroyed,but that was the plan, otherwise we have no plan. i slam the door open, but to my surprise, no one is there to great me.

i look down to the floor and see all the workers shot dead in heaps on the floor around the control panel. i shoot a look to my right where behind the glass doors the Memory Unit is- Where the Memory Unit was.

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