Shady Sanitarium


1. Chapter One

Gloomy. That was the first word that came into Luke’s mind as him and the boys were dragged down a hallway by a doctor, their eyes scanning the terribly scattered painting walls, the faint turbid color of Bordeaux still lingering in its reflection. An uncomfortable feeling ran down his spine and clearly the other boys as well as the sound of a person screaming from one of the locked doors filled the hallway, Michael muttering out a small “Dafuq is going on..” Whilst Calum pressed his hands down his pockets, feeling sorry for the other boys due to his arrangement at this place.

A women a couple of weeks ago had called the management, asking if there was any possibly for the boys to make a smaller quiet acoustic intimate concert at their community. When one of the managers had asked Calum he had immediately answered yes out of habit without any registration of where the gig should be and what course of it, all he thought about was to play some music and make some fans’ hearts flutter.

But what none of the boys expected was for them to end up in a deserted place out in the woods, a massive brick built maroon building coming into their view as they were all hooded in the car, Calum drying off some drool leaving past his lips as Luke sitting at the front seat were staring at the building in the curiosity, his mouth going into a straight line as he tried to register where in the world they were at. “You sure this is the right address?” He asked turning his head towards the driver. “Yes this is what was sent in the Email.” One of the managers answered from behind, Michael stretching in his seat as he opened his eyes, a yawn falling from his lips but his eyebrows furrowed as he noticed the surroundings. “Where the hell are we?” He asked, letting his arms fall down, taking a look out of the window. “Close to Niagara Falls. If we walk outside we’ll possibly hear it.” Ashton answered as his phone was in front of his face, showing off a map, impressing enough that there were any sort of connection at this place.

 When the guys had gathered their stuff together they all headed towards the front door, the smell of hospital and rubber filling their nostrils as they went inside. “Is it just me or was there a sign outside saying sanitarium?” Michael whispered into Calum’s ear but the Kiwi boy shrugged it off, walking further to the check count, wanting this to be fast as soon as possible, there was no doubt that this place was hunting them down. “Can I help you with anything?” A woman had asked as she noticed the 4 confused Aussies standing in front of her desk, a white fit dress with a name tag covering her body as she was watching them through her classes, the small white hat on her head almost falling off in boredom. When Calum had introduced the guys and him as a band, the woman’s face lit up in enjoyment, probably happy to finally being occupied with something more alive and enjoyable in life than what she was usually experiencing at work. “5 Seconds Of Summer! I’m Marion, the woman on the phone you spoke to, I consume it was your manager.” She asked reaching a hand out and the boys politely shook their hands with her.

Now they were all heading down a hall, Marion rambling and telling different stories about how old this place actually was and when and how it was build. The only person who was actually listening to the story was their manager John who had been the only one coming along with the boys, thinking that they probably would need extra help to carry instruments and not do any sort of stupid shit as those teenage boys could probably think of.

“I’ve arranged 3 rooms for you guys, two double rooms and one single.” She explained as she opened a gate with fence that was placed in front of some stairs, her waiting for all the boys to walk through and up. “This place is literally creeping me out.” Ashton mumbled as they walked up against the creaking old stairs, “Since when did we check in?” Calum mumbled towards John, looking back to see Marion secure the lock on the gate making extra sure that it was close before she headed up the stairs as well. “I have no idea just play along you’ll get paid for this.” He grumbled, clearly not amused by this situation himself. As they came to the top of the stairs, the old badeaux wall paint was replaced with a more modern green one, the furniture and such thing as that looking less smashed and scattered.

"This part of the building is a little fancier." Marion explained, moving her hands around to point. "This is where us employees rest and it’s also where our guests sleeps overnight. By the mention of overnight, all eyes were gazed on Calum and John, Ashton mumbling a small growl. "Guests for whom?" Michael asked as he accepted a key Marion placed in his hand. "Our patients of course." She answered like it was the most normal answer to say. "Patients?" Luke asked cocking an eyebrow. "Yes our patients. But don’t worry they live on the other side of the building, the possibility of hearing any of them is minimal." She shrugged off and gave Calum and John a key. "Enjoy your stay and just use the phone in the room if you need anything." She gave them one last smile before turning back towards the stairs, mumbling out a small goodnight.

"Calum this is the last time you say yes for all of us." Michael grumbled and took a look at the key, 224 standing faint engraved in the metal key. "I guess we’ll share Luke?" He asked, too tired to start a discussion about who was going to share with who, looking up at the blond haired boy for approval. "Sure." Luke mumbled following Michael towards the room, Calum and Ashton’s room being a little bit further away from theirs.

Michael unlocked the door and pushed it open, welcoming him and Luke into a 2 single bed room, no bathroom no TV, just the beds, nightstands and a closet for them to hang up their clothes.

"There’s a mini fridge!" Michael almost yelled with joy, his feet dragging himself over the old beige carpet, almost ripping the door open to see its content. Luke took a look around the room before a small paper attached to the nightstand caught his eye, walking over to it and taking it from his hand. "Welcome to Shady Sanitarium." The paper read on the upper part of it, Luke’s eyes going wide as he realized where they actually were. "There’s no damn good food in this shit." Michael groaned and leaned up from the fridge, smacking the door and running a hand through his hair. "It’s like hospital food." Luke grumbled and showed the now confused boy’s state. "Sanitarium?" He almost yelled reading the words and his eyebrows furrowed. "What I read outside was right!" He blurted, both boys staring at each other in shock. "Michael what is a sanitarium correctly?" Luke asked more quietly but before Michael could answer, Ashton and Calum barked into their room.

"This place is creeping me out and I have to share a king sized bed with Cal, there’s no doubt we’re leaving as soon as the gig is over.” Ashton mumbled, a hand going through his brown curly locks, Calum following him suit behind. “We’re at a sanitarium.” Michael gulped, watching as the two boys’ expression turned to shock. “Well that explains the patients.” “And the doctors.” Luke added to Ashton’s sentence, Michael looking around curiously. “What is a sanitarium to be exact?” He questioned, taking a seat on one of the beds.

“I’m not sure to be honest.” Calum mumbled, the boys looking in curiosity at each other before Ashton took action, pulling out his phone. “Sanitarium is an alternate spelling of sanatorium, which may refer to a medical facility for long-term illness, or a health-oriented resort, depending on region. It says on Wikipedia.” He said out loud. “So it’s a madhouse?” Michael questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“Calling it a madhouse would probably be rude, but yes it is.” Ashton said before placing his phone back in his pocket. “So our audience is gonna be a massive crowd of crazy patients who barely have an ability to remember their own name?” Calum blurted as he stood up from the bed with Ashton.

“You were the one saying yes to this.” Ashton mumbled as the boys headed out towards the door. “I didn’t think it was going to be like this.” He mumbled under his breath as he opened the door. “We’ll see you guys tomorrow.” “Goodnight.” Luke and Michael mumbled in unison, Mikey taking his suitcase and placing it on the bed, ready to pack out. When Luke noticed what he did he started to do the same. “Maybe it isn’t that bad.” Luke tried to reassure. “Don’t be so sure about that.” Michael answered, placing his clothes on the racks in the closet.

When they had finished and were ready to go to bed, Luke and Michael took a seat in each bed, their duvets covering just below their bare chests as Michael’s head were resting on the pillow with eyes closet, Luke sitting with his phone, the screen being the only thing illuminating the room. “Night mate.” Luke mumbled before he locked the screen so everything went black, placing it on the nightstand next to him.

But before Luke barely had closed his eyes, both his and Michael’s shot open as the sound of a female girly scream appeared down stairs with the sound of something breaking afterwards, Michael sitting up fast in bed as he looked at Luke. “What in the world was that?” He asked, Luke sitting up as well and starching his arm. An uncomfortable feeling ran down his spine as they tried to listen if there were any other sound. The sound of a phone buzzing appeared and they shook their head towards it, a message from Calum illuminating from the screen.

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