Dark desires


1. party and bullshit

She laid on the perfectly made California King bed, she took the white coloured sheets and twisted it around her fingers feeling fascinated by the way it moved. She wasn't the one to get bored or distracted; but Jason had been controlling that she didn't want to see him right now.

"Ariana, get up!"

She was once again startled by his slightly intimidating voice, it made her feel small and weak; the plan hadn't work because her phone had died last minuet, and he knew that she was pretending to like him - smart man.

"I'm coming asshole..." She snapped.

The look on his face was once again; intimidating. She knew that he was going to tell her about his second rule, which she had yet again broken.

"What did I say about swearing?" His hand was soon being pulled out of his pocket and instead on Ariana's cheek - giving her a new bruise to replace the other one.

"That every time I swear, you'll hit me." She looked him dead in the eyes, he had no physical emotion nor did he show it, it was just a cold and tired human being she could see.

She looked away from him as a tear dropped onto her nose; she had to get out of his presence or else she'll break down right in front of him, the monster himself.

"Where are we going anyway?" Her voice had lost its happiness, she was now nothing but a shy and lonely girl; he had taken away all her confidence - he was like a possessive boyfriend that she didn't need.

"Party and other bullshit." A smirk was placed on his pink lips, she was once again blinded by his sudden Beauty that she found her self lost in a trance.

"Uh, c-casual or formal?" She whispered while looking down at the floor, suddenly feeling embarrassed.

"Casual, now go and stop asking questions." He lightly shoved her petite figure towards the closet, she had once again felt small in his power.


"Vodka?" He asked, his voice reeking of alcohol.

The party had just began, the half naked teenagers were grinding against each other as the rap music played making Ariana cover her ears. She was wearing a very tight dress; it made her feel un comfterble that most of the boys were looking at her.

"I don't drink, Jason." She rolled her eyes before turning her attention back to the teenagers that had now dissapered somewhere.

"Come on babe, one drink." He poured her a glass and watched as she stared at it, her eyes moved from the drink to his; she didn't plan on taking it and gulping it down.

"Like this." He had taken his glass and placed it to his lips, drinking the whole thing down in seconds. Ariana stood shocked and watched as he went for another bottle; but this time he had added a little bit of coke.

Ariana took her glass of Vodka and placed it to her mouth, she debated whether or not if she wanted the liquid down her throat. Her glass was soon being placed on the table as the burning sensation stung her throat.

"Not a heavy drinker aye?" A stranger had sat on the stool next to her, she gave him a light smile showing off her dimples, he had placed his drink to his mouth and swallowed the whole thing down, making Ariana scrunch up her nose in disgust.

"So you're?" He asked looking her in the eyes, Ariana stared at her pink heels, trying not to show the colour of her red cheeks.

She had never had a real conversation with a guy ever since Jason had kidnapped her; he had always been protective and mean, so she decided that it was time to have a little fun; besides, they're not actually dating or anything.

"Ariana, Ariana Grande." She stuck out her hand for it to be shaken but placed it back when she was pulled in for a hug instead; what would Jason think if he saw this, he was probably busy shoving his tongue down a girls throat to even notice.

"My name is Chris, Chris Brown." He smiled.

Ariana was soon being pulled onto the dance floor, his hands were wrapped around her waist catching her a little by surprise, she could sense that Jason was watching her; but calmed down when she saw that he and Selena had walked into the bathroom together. What a slut.

Her favourite music had came on making her squeal, she pushed her body against Chris as the beat of the song; Swing was playing.

Without hesitation, she took Chris's glass that he was holding and placed the liquid down her throat, feeling loose and confident.

"Damn girl." He pulled her closer while she pushed him against the wall and started grinding on him, she was soon acting like a teenager; Jason had made her feel young by not being in her presence.

"Get off him right now!" The sudden outburst made Ariana gasp in shock as she faced her worst fear.

"Sorry man, I didn't know she was taken." Chris walked away leaving Ariana and Jason alone.

"You just fucked Selena, so why can't I dance with a guy?" She crossed her Arms and waited for an answer that surprisingly didn't come.

"We're leaving." He pulled her by her wrist and took her outside; making her stumble a few steps.

"Slow down, Mr.Bolt." She pulled her hand away from his, she was tired of being treated like a dog, he can't keep controlling her and telling her to do things she didn't want to do.

"In the car, right now." He pushed her tiny figure towards his black Range Rover.


"Jason stop, you're hurting me!"

Ariana begged, she no longer had the strength to argue with such a man, he had abused her before; but this was being taken too far.

He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pushed her against the wall, she whimpered in pain; she couldn't look in the eyes of her kidnapper, he had done so many wrong towards her that even if she had the voice to speak up, she would end up dead in seconds.

"I-I'm sorry." The tears landed on his tattooed arms, she had regretted everything she had done at that party; young wild and free was bullshit.

"You always say you're sorry, but you do the same damn thing."

Her back had came in contact with the side of the kitchen counter, he was hurting her and he didn't even know it, he was breaking her and he didn't even know it, he was loosing her and he didn't even know it.


There she lay in the arms of her kidnapper; trying to explain the scenario with the little breath she had.

Selena Marie Gomez watched as Ariana was being beaten, she didn't care nor did she want to help. Of course Selena had set Chris Brown and Ariana together.

She was obsessed with Jason; it seemed almost impossible to love someone so much that you'd show your dark desires and evil plans to get rid of their lover.

"Jason, that's enough." She had stood up from her seat and walked up to the man of her 'dreams' the man that she would kill for.

He pushed her away making her let out a huff, she was used to being turned down; just not by Jason.

"Leave her, let her die."

Ariana listened to the conversation, her body was lifeless but she still had contact and human feelings, how could someone be so evil.

"You bitch..." Ariana watched as Selena stood in front of her, looking for any sign of someone who was speaking.

"I'm down here, idiot." The last part had came out as a mumble, she was indeed an idiot.

"Please keep your mouth shut." Selena placed a finger to her lips and walked away.

Ariana and Jason were left in the same room as each other, of course she wanted to run away from him; but he was going to find her anyway.

"I hate you right now..." She coughed, her voice was breaking along with her heart.

"Goodnight princess." He walked away with not a smile but a frown, he felt bad for what he had done; but he needed to do it.

Authors note:

This is the first chapter, it might be confusing but it's about how Ariana has been living with a kidnapper which is Jason Mccnann

(Justin Bieber)

So if it's confusing, just comment an introduction and I'll do it.

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