Dark desires


2. escape: part one

She tiptoed down the long hallway trying carefully not to wake anyone; especially Jason, after the terrible beating she had gotten last night she didn't plan on staying, she had tried escaping a few times - but had always gotten caught; although she wants to make this escape a successful one.

After making it safely down the stairs she ran into the kitchen to find anything helpful that she could use, if Jason did happen to find her at least she would have some sort of tool to defend her self. Her hand reached out for the knife and fork that was neatly set out on the table; Maria which was Jason's maid probably put that there for breakfast.

Ariana tucked her two weapons in her pocket before climbing onto the kitchen counter, she had seen Jason open up a little window that led to his balcony, she slid open the window and tried to pull her self up.

A sudden pain had shot through her foot as she collapsed onto the kitchen floor causing a sudden bang to be heard, her ankle had gotten caught on one of the draws, it wasn't long before she had pulled herself up again; her ankle still in pain.


After making it safely onto the balcony she looked to see that she was looking right into Jason's room, there he lay peacefully on his bed clutching onto a pillow that she had put in her place.

The distance down wasn't far but with a swollen ankle she had to get something to pull her down, she couldn't risk going into Jason's room because he would wake up in a tick.

"Fuck..." She hissed as a gush of cold air hugged onto her skin, she was only wearing her bra and underwear which gave her a 50/50 chance of getting scratched or cut.

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