Our Secret - Larry Stylinson

Harry and Louis have been in love since the day they met. They want to be together, They want to love each other without being secretive. They need each other. But Management doesn't want that, they set up Louis With Eleanor Calder and Harry is known as the womanizer. Can they get through it?




3. 3.

*I skipped boot camp because everyone know what happens so I'm going into 2011 sorry!*

Louis POV

Today I was going to cool a meal for harry. I'm not really looking forward to this because it involves working. But harry said if I ever find someone special then I should at least Learn to cook one meal.

"Ready Louis?" Harry says handing me an apron and chef hat. I laugh at him

"You want me to wear that?" I point my spatula towards the items. "Sure it will look cu- erm cool." he says clearing his throat

I shrug and put on the hat and the apron. "So what am I going to cook curly?" I ask him and he thinks for a second "Let me check my phone." he says pulling out his iPhone.

"Okay." I tell him and wait for him to to tell me. "Are you quite finished?" I ask him tapping my foot on the floor.

He nods making his curls bounce and starts telling me "Chicken, stuffed with mozzarella cheese, wrapped in parma ham, with some homemade mashed potatoes.” He tells me.

"Woah calm down curly. Lets not get too fancy." I laugh. "It's really quite simple actually." he tells me with a straight face.

"Sorry I'm not a pro at these things like you." I tell him and he walks towards the cabinets to get the ingredients. "Just follow the instructions." He says handing me his phone.

"I don't need instructions, I'll do it the tommo way." I tell him locking his phone and handing it back to him.

"You mean the lazy way?" he says with one eyebrow raised. "Whichever way I get done faster then yes." I laugh and he joins me.

"Maybe we should start you off with mashed potatoes first?" He says. "Sure." I shrug.

"Okay here." He hands me a potato peeler and points to a bowl of potatoes. "Do it your way, I'll be sitting down at the table." he finishes.

"Okay curly now scurry on." I say to him shooing him away. He puts his hands up in defense and sits down in a chair at the table.

I start peeling the potatoes and my hands already hurt. This is hard. Why did I even agree to this?


I snap my head towards harry who is smirking at his phone.

"Delete it Curly or else." I threaten raising my potato peeler. He laughs at me "Or else what?" he smiles.

He shouldn't have said that. I grab a Handful of mozzarella cheese and throw it at him. "Ouch that really hurt." He says sarcastically.

He stands up and walks towards me and my stomach gets butterflies. What the heck? I feel myself blush and look down embarrassed. What's going on?

"Shouldn't have done that Lou." Harry says behind me. I turn around to see Harry with a handful of flour. "I swear if you even think abo-" I got cut off by Harry throwing it at me.

I start coughing crazy and I can't see anything but white around me. I hear harry laughing. My eyes adjust and I can see again.

I grab some more cheese and throw it at him again. "That's not even doing anything Lou!" Harry laughs at me. I race over to the flour and get a handful.

"Not the hair, Not the HAIR!" harry screams at me and I chuck it straight towards his curls.


I laugh at his face and I throw some more at him and he starts coughing like crazy how I was.

"So much for cooking." Harry laughs and coughs at the same time. I laugh and look at the floor covered in flour.

I look back up at him and our eyes meet and his face turns red.

"hi." Harry says and I blush looking away. "You're cleaning this up by the way." Harry says fixing his hair.

"Okay curly now go and wash up because we are ordering pizza." I tell him and he nods.

Our eyes meet again and this time he looks away "okay I'll just go." he says turning. around quickly.

I- I think I like him.

Heyyy guys hope you liked it and I will apologize in advance for any spelling errors (: okay so remember to comment and like and fan. and follow my twitter.

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