Our Secret - Larry Stylinson

Harry and Louis have been in love since the day they met. They want to be together, They want to love each other without being secretive. They need each other. But Management doesn't want that, they set up Louis With Eleanor Calder and Harry is known as the womanizer. Can they get through it?




1. 1.

"So Harry are you excited for your audition?" My mom said snapping me out of my thoughts.

We have been driving for ages and I was really nervous and I just wanted to get it over with to be honest.

"Erm.. yeah mum just a little bit nervous." I said tapping on the window. I didn't make eye contact with her once during the drive. I was too nervous.

"Don't be love! You'll do fine! Just give it your all and if they can't see how talented you truly are then they're nuts." She said making my lips form into a smile "Thanks mum." I said "For everything." I added quickly.

It had been another 10 minutes and I could see a long line of people hoping to all get a shot at what we all want.. to win.

I got out of the car and my jaw dropped. millions of people I mean not really but still it seemed like it. What if I'm not as good as them? No stop thinking like that.

"Come one harry let's go sign you in." My mum said as she closed her car door. "Ok." was all I managed to say to her. I walked up to the back of the line and my palms were already sweating. It was nerve wrecking being in the line just imagine being in front of those judges.

Simon scares me but I hopefully won't show it if I just hurry through it. I'm going to sing without music because I'm afraid that if I sing with music I'll have bad timing. I don't want to mess up my once in a lifetime opportunity.

"Here you go Harry Styles." a man with a thick English accent said to me. How are we already in the front of the line? I looked at the man holding out my audition number and he was getting impatient. "Thanks." I mumbled and put the audition number on. "Let me help you." My mum said to me

"No I got this." I said to her and she looked hurt but she shrugged it off. "I can't believe you're here harry! I know you will make it big." My mum said to me "I hope so." I said giving her a shy smile.

We entered a big room and a man with a microphone approached me. "Harry Styles?" he asked me. I nodded my head and he looked through the dark curtains and then back at me "You're on." He said pulling my shirt. My mum kissed me on the cheek. "DO GOOD HONEY!" she yelled at me and I gave her a thumbs up.

"Ready?" He asked me "As I'll ever be." I went through the curtains and entered the stage room filled with an audience and the judges. "Oh gosh." I mumbled to myself. I walked toward the center of the stage where the big X is.

"Hello what's your name?" one of the judges asked me.

"Harry Styles."


Okay so this is my first fan fiction and I'm so excited. I'm going to be telling the story of when the boys met through X factor and then it will go until present time! Please Favorite and comment! .xx

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