Apple Of My Eye

Caitlyn is your average everyday girl. She loves One Direction, she has a soft spot for Harry though. She gets to meet him, until they fall in love. There's a problem though, Harry is dating someone else. Harry breaks up with his girlfriend who's name is Riley. When Riley finds out Harry's dating Caitlyn, there's trouble. Riley and Caitlyn fight for days on end. Harry's world falls to pieces, Harry fights for his right to love Caitlyn. Caitlyn doesn't understand something though, she's the apple of Harry's eye.


5. The Secret's Reavled

After Harry kissed me, I felt like, him and I were meant to be. Harry ran out of the room chanting "She's mine, she's mine!! Who has her? ME!". I thought It would be a great time to call my parents. I called them and my mom told me "Stay there, your dad and I are on vacation!." I replied "Alright, love you!" "Love you too!" said my mom back. My ex-friend Riley called me, I answered and she snapped at me "So Harry left me!". "Yeah, I know, I was there.", I replied. "What?!?!" Riley snapped at me again. I said calmly "You were gonna figure out sooner or later. Harry and I are dating okay?". She screamed at me "You bitch, I'll kill you!", the problem? she was on speaker. The boys ran though the door in a flash, I told them calmly "Riley doesn't like the idea of Harry and I dating". Louis laughed, Riley ended the call, then all of us laughed. Until I realized "Um, Harry does Riley know where you live?" I said worriedly. They stopped laughing. "HIDE ME!" I screamed, we then heard a car hit the breaks. I ran into the closet, Riley banged on the door, Harry answered worriedly. I couldn't hear anything knowing I was in the far end of the closet. I was calm until I heard a chair being thrown, Louis screamed "NO, JIMMY PROTESTED, I LIKED THAT CHAIR!". I started to laugh, I laughed to hard. Riley flung the closet open grabbed me by the collar of my shirt, threw me and said "He's mine!". I got up and said "Um, no, he's mine, get out of here before there's trouble.". Liam and Zayn nodded at each other and tackled Riley. Liam was thrown across the room, Riley stood up with Zayn still sitting on the floor.  Riley pulled Zayn up and punched him. Niall started crying. I saw Harry in the corner crying with his knees to his chest. I screamed at the top of my lungs "STOP!", everyone looked at me, except Harry. Riley calmed down and asked "What is it Caitlyn?".   

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