Apple Of My Eye

Caitlyn is your average everyday girl. She loves One Direction, she has a soft spot for Harry though. She gets to meet him, until they fall in love. There's a problem though, Harry is dating someone else. Harry breaks up with his girlfriend who's name is Riley. When Riley finds out Harry's dating Caitlyn, there's trouble. Riley and Caitlyn fight for days on end. Harry's world falls to pieces, Harry fights for his right to love Caitlyn. Caitlyn doesn't understand something though, she's the apple of Harry's eye.


8. It's Over Boys

Liam's POV

I kept kicking the door until Zayn got a knife and he opened the door. When we all walked in, Caitlyn, was laying on the floor covered in blood. Harry fell to his knees and started sobbing. I saw a note that read:

Dear Boys,

Harry left me, and I couldn't carry on that pain. Just know, I'm in a better place. Harry will find someone better then I could ever be. I love you all!



When I finished the note Niall screamed "I Called 911!!!". When the paramedics got here, she was dead. Harry didn't stop crying. I said weakly "It's over boys". Louis screamed "Oh my god, her parents!". Niall grabbed her phone and called her parents. After Niall explained everything, her parents started crying and said "We'll be at the funeral.".  

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