Apple Of My Eye

Caitlyn is your average everyday girl. She loves One Direction, she has a soft spot for Harry though. She gets to meet him, until they fall in love. There's a problem though, Harry is dating someone else. Harry breaks up with his girlfriend who's name is Riley. When Riley finds out Harry's dating Caitlyn, there's trouble. Riley and Caitlyn fight for days on end. Harry's world falls to pieces, Harry fights for his right to love Caitlyn. Caitlyn doesn't understand something though, she's the apple of Harry's eye.


1. Dreams Do Come True

Caitlyn's POV

It was a normal day of me on the internet looking at One Direction stuff. Someone rang on my doorbell when I answered it was my friend Allison. She was extremely happy, I asked "What's going on?" she squealed "I got tickets to a One Direction concert, and you're coming!". I freaked out and ran to my parents explaining what was going on, they said "That's awesome, go pack!". I told Allison what my parents said, we both hugged each other and freaked out. I asked "When is it?" "Tonight" she squealed. I said "I'll go pack!" she said "I'll knock on your door when it's time to go!". After three hours of packing there was a knock on my door, I squealed and told my parents I was going to go. When I answered, she screamed "Lets go!", I ran out of that house and we went to her car and we left. We got there just in time, we got amazing seats. After about thirty minutes of the concert, guards told me strictly "You have to leave". I asked with tears in my eyes "Why-Why?", He said with an annoyed tone "You're causing commotion!". They grabbed me and literally dragged me out of the arena, I told Allison "Allison-". Since there was girls screaming, she couldn't hear me I was thrown out of the arena into the lobby. I found a bench and I cried, and cried, and cried. After about 2 hours all these girls came out of the arena screaming for the boys which were walking out. The girls were pushed back because Niall started running for something in my direction. I kept crying until I heard and Irish accent say "You okay, mate?", I said with tears in my eyes "I got kicked out... I couldn't hear angels sing..."   

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