The boy


2. why do you have to do this

**luke hemmings fan fiction**

We got to his house and I was already impressed

R: wow it's big from the outside

L:wait till you see the inside

He takes my hand but I don't let go.. We walk to the door where he unlocked it and we stepped inside... All I can hear was a bunch of boys running around and playing games

They all come running down stairs

I met all of the boys

Calum:hi love


R:hi guys

Michael kept looking at me and it was making me uncomfortable

All of the boys went to play FIFA but my and Luke went to his room

We sat on his bed and talked for a bit. We stare into each other's eyes then I leaned in and kisses him! As we kissed I felt sparks all around us and I can't believe he didn't pull away!

Ashton came in and saw us making out

Ash:opens the door- hello guys

Luke gave him the look telling him to go away but ash just ignored it

Ash: get ready we are going out for pizza

And he closed the door

I giggled and we had kisses once more then we got ready to go.

I put on a white cross crop top with black shorts and put on some vans then put my hair in a messy bun!


L:okay let's go

We headed down stairs where the boys were waiting for us!

Ash: it took you long enough

L:well Rory had to fix herself


L:it's true

We all headed to the car and drove to the pizza place

-should I do some more are they any good to you guys??

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