The boy


1. why do you have to do this

**fan fiction** **luke hemmings**

Hi I'm Rory and I'm 16 years old! I have a bf name Colton and he's such a jerk! But I no longer have to worry about him!

Rory:why do you have to do this to me!

Colton: I don't love you anymore

Rory:you could've told me instead on cheating on me

I found him in the bed with a different girl..

I slam the door! Start running and crying my eyes out!

Rory:I i-I can't believe he would do that to me!

Just walking on the sidewalk I ran into a boy.. I look up and see a blonde blue eyed boy infront of me! I think to myself "wow he's so cute". He sees my make up down my face and asked me what's wrong

Luke: what wrong love?

Instead I looked down I couldn't get anything out I was too heart broken to tell him..

Me: I-i

I studer under my breath

Me: my bf broke up with me and I found him with someone else!

I cried and he hugged me.. He looked at me and said

Luke:why don't we go to my place

How could I not say yes he was so dreamy with those big blue eyes and the lip pericing

Me: -nods- s-ure

We walk to his house with his arm wrapped around me.. I felt happy!

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