Is it love



This was it today was the day that I was going on vacation with my cousin emily. We are going on a trip to Texas for two weeks. We are 16 but our parents trust us enough to let us go. I went and woke Emily up to get ready. I decided to dress comfy because we decided to drive there and from georgia to texas is a long ways. I put on my nike shorts and 5 seconds of summer tank top. Emily also wore her 5 seconds of summer tank top and a pair o shorts. As soon as we were ready we went outside. We planned on driving my 2010 jeep wrangler. Emily yelled "I'll drive" and ran to the drivers door. I said "ok"and hopped in. As soon as I got in I turned our radio up loud to our 5sos cd. We pulled out of the drive way screaming to our favorite songs. Then in unison we yelled "ROADTRIP".

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