Too Late

Gigi is Michaels little sister and Gigi has a secret, she is also falling in Love with Luke... How does Michael feel about it? find out


10. umm

Michaels POV

As soon as i got back from my drive I walk towards the door and see Calum walk out. I'm not in the mood to talk to him.

"Hey, Mikey can we talk." Wow. I wanna say no but i cant because its my best friend.

"Sure. what?"

"About earlier... I'm sorry man." I honestly dont know what to say i cant just accept it.

"Alright, I dont get why you wont tell me though, because i probably cant don anything about it." I say a bit sad and i'm thinking she had her first kiss already. Maybe she is really beautiful, She is 16 she is probably ready for a Boyfriend but she cant have one until she tells me her secret. Okay thats too far but I'm actually not ready for her to date.

"Mike, I think she would just feel weird if she told you."

"I'm guessing Cal, Can i go in now." He looked nervous now. Why?

"Um i was hoping i can take you somewhere?"

"Calum its almost 10pm where do you wanna take me."

"Movie?" He had a nervous smile.

"I dont know Cal."

"c'mon if you forgive me come."

"Okay let me go inside to get a jacket."

Calums POV

when Michaels said let me go inside first thing in my mind was, Shit.

Gigis POV

I cannot believe Calum left me and Luke alone. Gosh i feel so awkward

"So what are we?" Luke asked. What on earth do i say?

"Friends." I say nervously I really like him Calum says he liked me too but i'm not sure.

"So that kiss from earlier meant nothing?" He is on me!!!!!!

"Well... I.. Uh Luke listen people kiss and hook up and what-not, but thing is I dont wanna be in a realtionship." I told such a lie, I'm nervous about Mikey what would he think you know ehat who cares. As Luke was about to walk out.

"Wait! Luke i like you i have forever! Please come." I open my arms for a hug and he runs over to kisses me instead i put my arms around his neck. But just then i hear Calum?

"Wait no what are you doing?" Calum yelled

"Saying goodbye to-" Michael said walking into my room seeing me and Luke kiss.

"Michael!" Me and Luke shout and apologize.

"Is this your secret Gigi? Fucking my bandmate" Michael said.

"No Mike thats not how it is!" Luke explained.

"It looks like it!" Michael said

"Michael please dont say that. We have never done that." I said looking at Calum i need him to help me.

"I'm sure there is an explanation Mike." Cal said patting on michaels back.

"Well?" Michael demanded we both say UH and UM

"Thats it Hemmings you are dead." Michael said walking towards Luke with his fists clinched. Calum held Michael back and I stood in front of Luke while Luke had his hands on my hips."

"Luke you better get your fucking hands off my sister now." He said right before Calum got him outside of my room. THANK GOD. He probably is taking him with Ash or outside. I immediately kiss Luke as soon as Michael leaves my room. And i hug him after

"What secret Gigi?" Luke said while we hugged. Dammit.

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