Too Late

Gigi is Michaels little sister and Gigi has a secret, she is also falling in Love with Luke... How does Michael feel about it? find out


6. The Secret

Gigis POV

I was in my room, its 7pm times flies! Anyways I kept thinking about how i just walked away from Luke and Ash earlier, but i had a good reason to leave, it was awkward. I suddenly hear a knock on my bedroom door, i'm not sure if i should open it.

"Gigi open it!" Calum whispered shouted on the other side of the door. I get up to open it.

"What?" i asked him a bit irritated i wasnt really in the mood right now.

"Michael is onto me." Calum looked a bit worried i knew exactly what he was talking about. Calum is my best friend out of all the boys he knew everything about me and i mean EVERYTHING.

"What! How?" I asked him i wanted to yell but the boys will hear me and come up to my room.

"I accidentally let it slip." Calum looked at me a bit scared to see and hear my reaction.

"Calum what did you say!" I say grabbing his ear as he cringes he explains his whole conversation with Michael (chapter 5's conversation)

"OH MY GOD!" Now i yell letting go of Cal's ear.

"I know i'm sorry i dont even know how i left the room without telling him." i sigh and just lay down and Calum locks the door and lays down next to me. My secret was i lost my virginity to Calum but we became better friends after that night, basically what happened we were at Michaels 17 birthday party, and yea it was that night. But he knows i've had nights with other guys.

Again we hear a knock i get up about to open the door scared to see who it was.

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