Too Late

Gigi is Michaels little sister and Gigi has a secret, she is also falling in Love with Luke... How does Michael feel about it? find out


8. "Tell me!"

Michaels POV

I cannot believe Calum just walked away from our conversation. Gosh i decide to go talk about this with Gigi but is that really a good idea? Whatever. I finish washing the dishes and leave the kitchen and walk into the living room where Luke and Ashton were. They stopped talking when i walked in I can tell Ashton was in mid-sentence before i walked in. Did they stop talking because i walked in the room?

"What?" I said.

"What?" Luke said.

"You guys stopped talking when i walked into the room."

"No we didnt our conversation just ended." Ash said patting Luke on the back. I was gonna continue to talk but i realize where is Calum?!?!

Oh god at this time i just walk away from Luke and Ash and run upstairs to Gigis room. I make it to her door grab the knob and turn it but its locked. She never locks her door unless shes changing. She has been in pjs all day and its too late to go out. What is she doing? I swear if Calum is in there i will kill him. So i knock hear footsteps as soon as Gigi opens the door i walk in which was rude but oh well, i see Calum laying on her bed WTF is going on?

"Please come in." Gigi said sarcastically. I gave her a death glare.

"What the hell is going on?" I kinda said loud but this was important.

"What do you mean?" Calum asked sitting up.

"You know exactly what i mean. Why would Calum say i suppose when i said you were innocent!" I said louder.

"Michael stop." She said grabbing my shoulder.

"Well tell me why you're not so innocent." I say crossing my arms towards her.

"Michael your my brother it will be weird if i tell you some stuff from my personal life." She said. That broke my heart a little bit, no one should have to hear their little sister tell you that.

"But i'm your brother you can tell me anything."

I say uncrossing my arms and sad, you can definitely hear the pain in my voice.

"Michael, Calum is my best friend i can tell him anything, You are my brother i have to limit stuff."

She said. Wow. What did she do?

"Mike, I know that feeling Mali, doesnt tell me some stuff and it hurts but i need to give her some space, But we just need to get over that and accept the fact they are growing up." Calum said.

"But Gigi is my younger sister, Mali is older than you, You didnt watch Mali grow up as soon as she was born did you? I saw gigi grow since she first came out of my mum stomach i dint care if i was two we are closer than you and Mali! Gigi is my everything and the only thing i'm looking after." I yell at Calum.

"tell me please." I turn to Gigi and she just looks down i look at Calum and he is looking down also i leave the room angry. I walk downstair and i overheard Ashton and Luke talking.

"Luke, I get why you like her she is gorgeous, But this crush you have might affect the band and your relationship with your friend. Man i dont know if you should make a move on her." Ash said.

"I know Ash but I think i'm falling in love i've liked her since i met her, It might not affect our friendship. I love her." Luke said. What Luke loves someone? Who? why are people keeping secrets from me. thats is i need to go for a drive i grab my keys and get in my car.

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