Too Late

Gigi is Michaels little sister and Gigi has a secret, she is also falling in Love with Luke... How does Michael feel about it? find out


13. should i

Calums POV

When Gigi left the room It was so awkward because It was just me and Mikey and I took her virginity and thats why Michael is mad right now should i tell him? No god its so difficult.

Michael is so depressed you can tell I hate seeing him like this. He walked over to sit down on the couch I sit down with him it was a bit quiet at first but he finally speaks up

"I cant believe this..." Mikey is about to cry The sound of his voice makes it obvious.

"I know its tough but you cant take it back now." I said

"But once i find out who these 3 guys are.. I swear." He toughens up and Now i'm a bit intimidated. I didnt mean to get intimate with his sister and now my best friend. Yea i shouldnt tell him anything.

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