Too Late

Gigi is Michaels little sister and Gigi has a secret, she is also falling in Love with Luke... How does Michael feel about it? find out


16. Oh

Gigis POV

when we hid Luke in the closet me and Calum stood casually by it and leaned against my closet. Calum looked so scared by the unfamiliar face, He looks so familiar I know him. I know this guy his name is Brad.

Calum gasps he finally realizes who he is and it took him awhile.

"Can I talk to Gigi for a minute?" Brad says. Luke heard him and steps out and steps in front of me to kind of protect me.

"How did you even get in here?!" Calum yells at him

"door was open." Brad motions

"You cant just walk in here." Luke kind of yells

"guys stop." I say in a whisper but nobody can hear me because i was so quiet. Calum steps in front of Brad as if they were gonna fight Calum just got so close to him.

"Listen Brad I need you to leave, I dont need you in this house.I also dont need you here to break Gigis heart again-" Calum said and Luke looks at me, Luke probably thinks he is my ex or something. "Just get out of here." Calum told him.

"You broke my Gigis heart?!" Luke yells getting closer.

"Your Gigi?" Brad yells back

"Now is not the time Luke, Get out of here Brad go." Calum pushes Brad. Brad pushes Luke and Calum in opposite directions and he pushed them really hard, he runs towards me and carries me over his shoulder

"UGH LET GO!" I yell and before we exit my room i see Calum and Luke stand up because they fell when Brad pushed them. Just then i hear Mikey and Ashton walk into the house thank god I yell again so they can know i'm not safe right now.

"What the hell let go of me!" I yell at Brad just then he bumped into Mikey and Ash.

"Who the hell are you?" Michael asked him and Brad just stepped backwards.

"You better fucken let go of my sister!" I'm guessing Michael hit him or something because I fell off his shoulders and now i'm on the floor. Ashton picks me up and we go into my room as Luke and Calum try to break up the fight between Michael and Brad.

We step into my room and I feel like Ashtons gonna start asking me so many questions.

"Who is that?" Ash asks, YUP i was right.

"a guy named Brad."

"and do you know this Brad?"


"then tell me about him."

"no." Then Ashton gives me this look to sit down so i sat next to him.

"Is he an ex boyfriend?"

"no, more like a one night thing." He immediately stands up and i'm guessing its time for a lecture.

"YOU ARE 16!"

"shhhh calm down Ashton I dont want Michael to know it was him"

"Michael knows youre not a virgin?" As says pointing to the door.

"yes I told him earlier just please dont tell him, he never called me back."

"what the fuck he shouldve. he is stupid, I'm gonna fucken kill this guy." He walks up out the door.

"no Ashton dont." I chase him out the door hoping nothing happens when we reach the bottom of the stairs.

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