Too Late

Gigi is Michaels little sister and Gigi has a secret, she is also falling in Love with Luke... How does Michael feel about it? find out


12. oh

Gigis POV

Okay me and Michael reach the bottom of the stairs into the living room where Luke shouldnt be able to hear us. At this moment i'm waiting for Calum to come.

"Okay so what secret?" Michael asks and sits down, I dont answer because i'm waiting for Calum. When Calum walked into the room I ran towards grabbed his hand and walked towards Michael.

"Dont tell me you guys wanna date." He stands up from the couch. I am not gonna date Calum.

"What?........ No bro no we are best friends remember." Cal said

"oh right so um what secret?" Michael asked again

"Wait Gigi you are gonna tell him your secret? are you sure?" Calum said turning to me and Michael looks shocked. I just nod

"Okay Mikey but you cant get mad,lecture me, or be super brotherly on me because the past is the past." I told him making sure he wont do any of the things i listed.

"sure what is it?" Mikey asked. Is he really... ugh okay imma just let it rip.

"I'm not a virgin anymore Mikey." I have no idea what to expect from Mikey right now.

"Your what?! wait I who did you lose it to? How many times?" Mikey looked so hurt, and i feel horrible because Mikey raised me like I was his daughter so I mightve hurt hime horribly.

"I'm sorry Mikey, I know you dont wanna hear it but i've done it alot and with 3 guys." i said Calum looks so awkward.

"Gisselle Your 16 what are you thinking!!!!" Mikey yelled

"I was just stupid Michael I'm so sorry Mikey."

"Calum! Why didnt you tell me!" Mikey yelled so much louder and he is getting louder everytime he talks

"Bro I wasnt gonna just tell you her secret! Some things are personal she is only telling you this so she can date luke!" Calum yelled kinda

"What... NO there is no way i'm letting you date Luke!" Mikey is making me so angry.

"What WHY NOT!" I yelled because i was so mad and Calum is just trying to calm me but i cant stay calm.

"Now I know you are capable of getting guys in bed. I'm not letting you date one of my best friends for sex."

"No it was stupid nights! I'm not gonna have sex with him!" I yelled

"Come on this is going way to far." Calum said

"shut up Calum. When do you wanna do that kind of stuff again?" Michael said.

"Thats personal but if you must know I dont wanna do it till i'm older Mikey please just let me date him nothing will happen i promise.

"Gigi stop already no." Mikey said and i ran outside to cry.

Luke POV

I'm sitting on the stairs so I can kinda hear Gigis secret. I know I'm nosey but I love her

"I'm not a virgin anymore Mikey." My heart broke when I heard Gigi say this. I wanted to be her first but for the sound of it ill be the fourth. If Mikey ever lets us be together As soon as I heard this I walked into her room and I dont know what to tell her when she walks in here.

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