Too Late

Gigi is Michaels little sister and Gigi has a secret, she is also falling in Love with Luke... How does Michael feel about it? find out


4. Oh god

Gigis POV

We all sit at the dining table and just have small talk Michael is sitting across me. Ashton and Luke next to me. And Cal next to Michael. Anyways some how the topic of school comes up aaaaaannnndddd....

"So Gisselle any romance at school?" Calum asked Luke looked at me a bit scared to hear my answer and Michael just looked at me very brotherly an it was intimidating.

"No. Not really." Truth is i did have a little but nothing major a boy has a crush on me i dont really like him like that but we have kissed before.

"what do you mean not really?" Michael asked he was really into this conversation. I hate that.

"Some guy likes me i wouldnt really call that romance though." I explained.

"Do you like him?" Luke asked drinking his juice. I looked at him, just noticing I like Luke not the kid named Eric.


"Ahhh tell the truth." Ash said pointing at me.

"I am telling the truth.. Anyways why does this matter?" I asked looking at all the boys.

"I have to know this because your my little sister." Michael said.

"You're basically our baby sister also." Cal said.

"wow thats amazing now i have 4 older brothers." I said very sarcastically.

"Not really maybe three older brothers and a fuck buddy." Ash said. And We all went wide eyed

"WHAT?!" Michael yelled

"wow i cant talk today i meant 4 older brothers that means no fuck buddies." Ash said....... Wow nice save they actually believed it.

"I'm gonna go wash the dishes Calum come help me." Michael said so they walk to the kitchen and Ashton faces me and Luke

"So whats going on between you guys." Ash asked he was smiley a bit does he actually want us together. Why does he care about me and Luke like this

"None of you business Ashton." Luke said.

"Jeez okay."

"Um boys i'm going upstairs to do... Homework." I wasnt gonna do homework i needed to leave before that conversation went on.

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