Too Late

Gigi is Michaels little sister and Gigi has a secret, she is also falling in Love with Luke... How does Michael feel about it? find out


11. Dammit

Gigis POV

Did Luke ask me what secret??????? OMG what do i say Michaels already mad at me I dont want Luke to be mad either.

dammit. Luke unlocked our hug and just held onto my shoulders and looked at me face to face god it was awkward.

"Babe?" Did Luke just call me babe??? WTF is my life right now.

"huh?" I said

"what was Michael talking about? What secret?" Luke asked me i could tell he really cared. That made me fall for him even more.

"Well...." I said and he got suspicious.

Michaels POV

I cant contain the anger in me What the hell Calum just pulled me out of Gigis room and threw me on the couch i feel like he is gonna give me the longest fucken talk ever.

"Michael what the hell!" He yelled i can tell he is mad. But why is he so concerned about Gisselle and Luke. i hate saying their names side by side.

"What! I'm concerned about my baby sister!" I got up and got in front of Calum where he was standing.

"Still she is not your prisoner you gotta let her go out and date eventually!"

"Calum! I dont want her getting hurt by some boy!"

"Luke is not some stranger you've known him most of your life."

"So something is happening between Her and Luke!"

"Michael you saw them kiss like 5 minutes ago of course something is going on!" Calum yelling. Thats it i'm going back up to Gisselles room!!

"Calum dont follow me!" I yelled walked up I dont look behind me because if Calums there imma be really mad and yell again.

Gigis POV

"Gigi come on just tell me." Luke said

"Well its personal Luke." I say and walk back a bit so he isnt holding my shoulders anymore I hear Cal and Michael yelling. Dammit

"Gigi come on if Calum knows I could know also."

"Calum is my best friend, Luke, i tell him everything." just then Michael barged in my room and Calum a few feet behind him.

"Okay I wanna know what the fuck is going on between you and Luke!" and Michael pointed at both of us. We just look at each other while Michael was wide eyed with his eyebrows up and mouth tucked in.

"I wanna date her." He says straight up. Michael gets mad I blush and Calum smiles. WHERE Is AShToN ?!?!?

"What!" Michael sounded so scary i feel horrible right now What if luke is scared?

"Yea I wanna date her." He grabs my hand and i cant help but look into his sky eyes.

"Get your hands off her!" Mikey said and Luke lets go

"come on bro." Cal said and he just gave Cal a death glare.

"No you guys cant date." WHAT "And you guys wont see each other again without me in the room i'm sorry but i wont allow it." Michael said. Now i feel like crying i think i am i dont know.

"Come on Luke." Michael said and grabbed his wrist.

"Can i least hug her bye?" Luke asked and Michael got a bit sympathetic when he saw me i looked down

"I dont think so because you will want each other more." And Luke and Michael walked out of my room. Is that really the last time ill see Luke by himself? Calum is the only one in my room now and he comforts me by hugging me then something hit me. I have and idea i'm not sure if it will work but its worth a try. i let go of Calum and ran out my room to see Michael talking to Luke on the stairs. They both look at me Michael just stares at Luke.

"Is it because I didnt tell you my secret?" I say

"Uh Gisselle, You wanna tell us now?" Michael said

"um I was just gonna tell you Michael."

"Okay come." he walks to the bottom of the stairs and i follow him As i passed Luke we stared at each other like we were in love.

"Will you call Calum for me? tell him to come." I tell Luke softly and he nodds. Am i really about to tell Michael i'm not virgin anymore...

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