Too Late

Gigi is Michaels little sister and Gigi has a secret, she is also falling in Love with Luke... How does Michael feel about it? find out


9. Chapter 8

Gigis POV

God when Michael left the room i felt horrible. I looked at Calum i felt like i was about to cry. So Calum got up to hug me I cried into his shoulder and goodness i wanna tell Mikey that i got with Calum, been with 3 other guys but i just cant and those night meant nothing just some dumb thoughts i would take them back if i could.

"Shhhhh its okay." Cal said starting to sway. It just made me wanna cry more. I felt someone walk into my room. Luke? Ashton? Michael? who the hell walked in?

"You okay?" luke said. Oh God! I dont wanna see Luke right now i like him and i probably look horrible from crying for like 20 minutes. I nodded I let go of Calum so we arent hugging anymore. And i look at Calum and he is giving me the check your makeup signal. OH GOD. I avoid eye contact with Luke and run in the bathroom to do some makeup touch ups.

Calums POV

I gave Gigi the check makeup signal because Luke walked into the room and it was messed up, She doesnt need makeup but whatever. Its so obvious she likes Luke back but She has liked alot of guys and only had sex with them and i'm not so proud about that.

"Why did she leave?" Luke asked.

"Shes a bit sad i'm sure she will come out any second." I say about to leave the room.

"Calum?" Luke said i turn around to face him. "How did you get so close to Gigi?" Oh this question. Should i say? NO they like each other if i tell him we slept together he might be sad or mad.

"I dont know actually, uh i think we just always end up talking." I felt so guilty. Gosh, Just then Gigi walked in again.

"Oh hey Gigi." Luke said. Then I heard the front door open from downstairs. OH NO? Is Michael back... but Luke and Gigi are so close i'm going to distract him while these love birds talk.

"Um i'll be back." and i left

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