Too Late

Gigi is Michaels little sister and Gigi has a secret, she is also falling in Love with Luke... How does Michael feel about it? find out


5. Chapter 5

Michaels POV

When me and Cal are washing dishes we had a little but of a conversation of our tour next year.

"Do you really think Gigi has a fuck buddy?" He asked out of nowhere. and the thought of it made me so angry.

"she better not."

"Honestly what if its that Eric guy that likes her."

"I would kill him but Gigi is really innocent." Calum looked awkward right now. Is she not innocent? He knows something about Gigi that i dont? what is it? oh goodness i might have a long conversation with her later.

"I suppose." Cal said.

"what do you mean?" I turn to him and stop washing the dish i was cleaning

"Do you know something about Gigi that i dont know?" i felt like i got super close to Calum but my sister is a serious topic she means so much to me. I must know.

"Calum tell me, I'll keep it a secret ill forget about it... I'll pretend like i never heard whats about to come out of your mouth." I was desperate right now i just needed to know


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